Welcome to Term Two. 

We would like to wish all families a Happy Easter and hope that you all had a relaxing two weeks of school holidays. The Prep team are delighted with how the children have begun Term Two.  They are very settled and ready to learn.

We have yet another busy term ahead planned for the Prep Students filled with exciting and enjoyable learning opportunities.  Have a lovely and safe term.  

Our Learning This Term


During this term, we will continue with the daily two hour literacy block. 

Throughout the two hour block, one hour is targeted at reading and the other at writing.

Our whole class reading focus is Fairy Tales.  In reading the focus will be on linking letter knowledge when making attempts at sounding out small words. Students are learning to point to each word, making sure to match what is written in the text.  As a class we will discuss the story and any new vocabulary, using pictures to help guide the discussion.

Students will continue to develop their writing skills.  They will draw a picture, talk about it and make attempts at writing a sentence to match.

Students will begin using their Handwriting book. This gives them an opportunity to practice their formation of letters and correct pencil grip.

Each child is regularly monitored in their reading to ensure they are reading texts that are appropriate to their level. 



Mathematics The Mathematics focus for Prep students is Number.


Manipulatives such as counters, blocks, dice and dominoes are used to assist students with their number development.  Lessons are made up of “hands on” activities, which allow students the opportunity to discuss, share and reflect on  their new learning.


Term 2 Units: 

● Place Value and Counting

● Patterns

● Addition and Number Knowledge around 5

● 2D Shapes

● Length

● Data  


Ideas for maths at home:

● Count , Count, Count!  Going shopping?  Get your children to count out the fruit and vegetables as they go in the bag. Going for a walk?  Count the steps from one house to another.  Notice the house numbers, guess what the next number would be. Setting the table?  How many people? How many knives and forks?  Do the amounts match?

● Compare the size of two piles.  Which one is bigger?  Which one is smaller? Why? Are you sure? How do you know?

● How tall are you?  Measure your child using string, blocks etc.  Do it every week and see how your child grows! Compare the length or how many you need -see if they get bigger!

● Involve your child in cooking. Your child can help stir, pour, fill and mix. Get your children  counting and measuring.


Religious Education

In Religious Education, the Prep  students are learning about Jesus and that He is our Good Shepherd. The unit title is: Our Prayerful Place


The students will learn to understand  why people pray and the actions related to praying. They will gain an understanding of the structure of prayer and reflect on Jesus and the relationship Christians have with God and each other.

The students will learn about the Church, and explore the various signs and symbols which are used in Mass. 



This term, our Inquiry topic is:  Material World. 


The Prep  students will  explore materials around them.  They will investigate how materials are classified and used and what makes some materials a better option when constructing. 

During the term, the students will make a hand puppet based on a fairytale of their choice.  Students will decide which material will suit their needs and allow their puppet to withstand multiple performances.  


Specialist Program News

L.O.T.E. Italian

Ciao a tutti.

Dear Parents, welcome to Term 2. This term the focus will continue to be on introducing Italy and the Italian language and developing the students’ speaking and listening skills. The students will continue to build on previously- learnt language and learn how to say and respond to simple greetings and questions. 

They will also be able to confidently introduce themselves with their name. They will learn to count in Italian from 1- 10 and will be introduced to the Italian vocabulary for colours. During the lessons the students will continue to recycle and deepen their understanding of the new vocabulary by participating in singing songs, playing games, reciting chants, following simple instructions and understanding basic classroom language.

I have included some internet links to enable the students to continue practising their Italian outside the classroom and to help them grow in confidence and knowledge.    


A presto

Signora White 




Physical Education

This Term in Physical Education Prep students will participate in units of work continuing on with their work involving fitness, body coordination and also a balls skills unit.  

They will learn the fundamental skills involved in movement with and without objects. Students will use different materials such as bean bags, tennis balls and hoops to practise coordination skills. For fitness they will do games and relays to learn to follow instructions and to work together successfully as a group. In the balls skills unit they will look at bouncing, catching and kicking different types of sporting balls including basketballs, soccer balls and netballs. 

All students can attend before school activities such as running club (Tuesday & Thursday morning) and skipping club (Wednesday morning). 


Mr Peter Tyndall




Welcome to the Art room for Term 2. 

The children have had a busy start to the term and have made some beautiful art pieces to commemorate Anzac Day. 

Some of their work was given to representatives to decorate the walls of the local RSL. The children are also creating some craft work for Mother’s Day. They will continue to create pictures and designs using various mediums throughout the term such as acrylic paints, crayons, water-colour pencils and textured papers. They will be working with shapes that have a variety of characteristics to help them become aware of the 3D nature of form. They will also continue to develop their cutting, folding and pasting skills.


Mrs Cathy Bartlett



Performing Arts

Hello Parents and Carers, welcome to Term 2,


I've been so proud of the Preps during Term 1, their enthusiasm in Performing Arts is infectious!


Term 2 will focus on making connections between the beat, rhythm and tempo learned through music in Term 1, and linking this to dance.  Students will learn the elements of dance using the acronym BEATS (Body, Energy, Actions, Timing and Space) to explore many ways to express ideas through movement to the song Funkey Monkey. 

Throughout Term 2, the students will also be exploring drama, focussing on their emotions and explaining how things make them feel and react, through both physical and facial expressions.  This develops their personal self-expression as well as allows students to practice social interactions and conflict resolution. 

Students are currently learning a song for Mother’s Day, so for all those special Mothers/Grandmothers/special carers out there, keep your eyes peeled for a special email soon.

Happy dancing!

Emma Cooper


Respectful Relations

The Term Two focus for Respectful Relations is self awareness and management;  positive coping and problem solving. This assists them in exploring calming strategies (self-regulating tools) to help cope with negative emotions, this includes self talk techniques to understand and manage their own emotions.  Students will explore problem solving and recognise the impact on others when decisions are made.


Classroom Organisation

Every week the Prep students will attend the following Specialist programs. These lessons will take place on      Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please remind your child to wear their sports uniform and runners on the appropriate day.

Specialist Teachers and Timetable 

Italian – Signora White 

P.E. – Mr Tyndall

Music - Mrs Cooper

Art - Mrs Bartlett

Prep C 

Monday - Italian and Music

Tuesday - Art and Sport

Tuesday -  Library

Prep P

Monday - Art and Sport

Tuesday - Italian and Music

Thursday - Library

Prep R

Monday - Music and Art

Tuesday - Sport and Italian

Thursday - Library



Last Thursday, all Prep classes visited the school Library.  The students are allowed to borrow one picture book each. Please ensure that these library books are well-looked after at home and returned to school in your child’s library bag by the following Thursday. 


Take home books  - pouches

Each day, your child will bring home a book in the blue reading pouch. Please ensure that the pouch returns to school each day and remember to fill in the Kluwell Book (yellow book) on a nightly basis. 


School Uniform and Hat

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name, preferably in permanent marker.

School hats are required to be worn in Terms One and Four. During Terms Two and Three students may wear hats if they choose. 

The Winter uniform is now required to be worn during Terms Two and Three.


Meet and Greet

Please note that classrooms are open from 8:30 - 8:45 am for our Meet and Greet time. This is an important time for students to get themselves organised for their day of learning. It also gives students the opportunity to establish and maintain relationships with peers. Please ensure that you arrive during this time to give your child the best possible start each day.


Fruit Break

The Prep  students will have a Fruit Break to ‘refuel’ on fruit, vegetables, yoghurt of cheese and  ‘rehydrate’ with water. Please pack something extra in your child’s lunchbox for them to eat during this time. Students who are not hungry and are well hydrated perform better in the classroom and show increased concentration. 

Key Dates

Mother’s Day Store - Thursday, 6th May. 

Prep Curriculum Night - Tuesday 11th May at 6.30 p.m.

Maths Closure Day - Professional Learning for all staff - Friday, 28th May. (school closure - no students)

Queen’s Birthday Monday, 14th June (school closed)

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