Principal Report

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to the end of our first term for 2021. Wishing you and your family a very safe and happy Easter and a restful and joyful school holiday break. School resumes on Monday 19th April for all students and we look forward to continue supporting all students on their learning journey next term.


Term 1 Celebrations: We have lots to celebrate as school achievements for this term. 1/ The Tutor Learning Initiative Program we have delivered this year has been recognised as a model that is proving to not only improve student outcomes, but also building the capacity of our teachers to improve their knowledge and understanding. Thanks to all the staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure this program is successful. 2/ We have also trialled inviting our prep parents to be authentic partners in their child’s learning of letters and sounds they make, through holding an information session, sharing the data and providing tasks and activities to complete to support their child. 3/ We have continued to improve the school, through carpeting the corridors in the two long corridors, seeding grass outside the gym, creating the Yarning Circle and painting the end of main building with a beautiful mural. 


Congratulations: Mrs Cassar has just had her second child, another girl. Her name is Audrey Ann Cassar and she arrived on Friday 26th March at 7.55am weighing 3.49kgs. Liz and her family feel very blessed to welcome her to their family. We wish them all the very best.

Attendance: The slogan “It’s Not OK To Be Away” and “Every Day Counts” has been around for a while and still as important as ever. Attendance is something that we are focussing on very specifically this year, with the Principal Class team contacting families of students with a large number of absences directly to find out how we can support you and your child to come to school more regularly. I have included an information sheet as part of the newsletter that has really interesting facts. Please contact us directly if you are struggling to get your child to school. We are here to support you and your child and want to take a positive approach to improving attendance for all.

School Review: 2021 is the final year of our School Strategic Plan – the plan that guides our work to improve outcomes for all. During Term 2 we will be providing various ways for parents, students and teachers to give us feedback on our achievements over the past 4 years to include in our Self-Evaluation. This feedback also includes areas we need to continue to improve and will help guide the direction of our next Strategic Plan. I urge you to join in with as many opportunities as you can throughout term 2. Some examples may be surveys, focus groups, parent meetings etc.

Assembly Term 2: I understand parents and carers are very keen to join in our assemblies, however the latest advice on remaining Covid Safe still has the capacity limits in place, which means that we cannot invite parents in yet. As soon as these limits ease, we will let you know. We have started to publish the award winners in the newsletter each week to help to communicate and celebrate these special awards.

School Uniform Policy: I have included a copy of this policy for your reference and would like to bring everyone’s attention to the part about extreme hairstyles and coloured hair is not permitted. Please take this into consideration when taking your child to the hairdressers or if you plan to dye your child’s hair.

Breakfast Club: Breakfast Club is open to all students. It is free and a great way to start the day. If your child would like to come to breakfast Club they must arrive between 8.15 and 8.30am to ensure there is enough time to eat and clean up before school starts. Please send your child through the front office, where they will sign in and then make their way to Breakfast Club.

Parking in 5 min Zone: Please be aware of the parking signs around the school, ensuring you stick to the time limits as indicted to avoid a fine from the Melton City Council. If you have any concerns, please contact the Council directly.

High Levels of Learning for All


Michelle Costa






Hello, and welcome to the final week of Term 1. 

To begin with, we hope you have had a wonderful week! Today the Parent Committee held our first Special Lunch ‘Sausage Sizzle’ for the year. The smell of barbecued sausages wafting through the air was amazing and made us all very hungry. We look forward to the future special lunches! 

It has been a crazy and busy term with photos, and swimming, Interschool Sports and a Lightning Premiership for our Year 5/6 students. On Monday our Prep students had a visit from Western Water whereby they were introduced to important water saving messages. Our Asia Raya incursion was held yesterday and it was interesting to learn about the Asian culture. We hope you have enjoyed the term with your new teacher and classmates as much as we have.

Finally, we have noticed there have been a lot of incidents where students have been disrespecting other students and staff. One of our school values is respect and it would be wonderful to see a better effort by all. The disrespect of our new toilet block is also a concern. Everyone please try your best to keep the school clean, especially the toilets. There are now posters on display reminding us all of the FLUSH rules so check them out if you have forgotten. Overall it has been a good term and we can’t wait for Term 2.  


Have a great Easter and stay safe! 

See you soon,