Art News

My name is Josh Lee, I am in year 8 at Warrnambool College. I like creating artworks, I like drawing dinosaurs, monsters and post-apocalyptic landscapes. My style could be described as detailed, coloured, mysterious and realistic. Previously I created my artwork’s in grey lead but for the last three years I have used fine liners to help me achieve the detail. At the moment I am working on a picture story book as a project in English and Art. It is about a little T-Rex in the jungle all alone. He finds another dinosaur and they become friends. I enjoy art because I use my imagination and I can get new ideas from my head and from some movies.

Art and drawing make me feel happy.

Year 10 Architecture

The Year 10 Architecture class, who had just completed their Commercial project assessment task, went on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens to meet with Architect Chris Baudinette from Baudinette and Associates Architects.  They met at the old toilet block where Chris discussed the issues around why the old block needed to be replaced and the constraints that the Architect had to work with.  Chris brought along copies of the Proposed site plans, the Feasibility report on the Sewer Investigation and Artist impressions of the new toilet block to show the students the documents that are produced to communicate information to the Warrnambool City Council.  He talked about the meetings that were had and the feedback the Architect received which were the basis for further changes made to the documents. The students asked questions and made observations throughout their time with Chris.


It’s been a networking semester for the year 10 Architecture class having visited  local residential Architect Mathew Morse in his offices, and this week Skyping with past Warrnambool College student Isaac McLeod who has just completed a double degree in design architecture and construction with a firm in Melbourne.  Students feedback was that they have learned that Architecture is not just about drawing but that is very much about the Visual and Communication.


Ms. Knight

Art Department