Assistant Principal's Report


I have just returned from the Merri and Hopkins House Celebration event at the Ten Pin Bowling Centre. It was a great way to finish Semester One with a relaxed atmosphere and heaps of fun being had by all students across all year levels. I am sure the students from Belfast, Flagstaff, Logans and Childers enjoyed their time at the movies. The attendance at the events was significantly higher than in previous years and we thank parents/carers and students for supporting these House events.



We will be having a large focus on attendance in Semester Two. We have been tracking our data for the first half of the year and there are some pleasing trends that indicates our students are attending school on a more regular basis. The data is tracking at a point where our attendance is on target to be the best in comparison to the last five years. Although this is the case, we need to outline some following facts for parents/carers;

  • Attending school 90% of the time means you are missing 20 days for the year – that equates to four weeks of school OR it means a student is missing on average one day every two weeks. 90% seems a high percentage but in fact students are missing class information that can impact their learning.
  • Arriving to school late means a student is missing a vital part of the school day/lesson – every minute counts and schools starts at 9.00am

We would love every student to attend every day but we know this sometimes can’t happen due to family events/situations. If your child can’t attend school for any reason, please approve this absence either on Compass or letting our office staff know.



The term starts with the Hopkins Out of Uniform day on the first Friday back. Watch Compass for more information closer to the day. Our Out of Uniform House events are always a hit with staff and students which help to raise funds for our numerous charities. Since the inception of the House System, our students/families have raised over $105,000 for our charities. That is an amazing effort and something that our community should be proud of.


Term Three is a very busy term in relation to subject choices for 2020 and pathway planning. There will be more information in regards to our Subject Expo and Subject Selection process early in the term.