Principal's Report

I know it’s a cliché to ask where the time has gone, but it is with some disbelief that I find myself reflecting on the first semester of learning at Warrnambool College.  It really does seem that we started the year only a moment ago.


For many of our staff and students, the holidays come at the right time – a chance to recharge, to recalibrate and to ready ourselves for the second half of the year to learn at the best of our abilities.  I know I’m looking forward to the holidays and the chance to spend more time with my family.  I hope you’re likewise looking forward to spending some quality time in conversation and company of your children.  Before we know it, time has flown by and that child in year 7 has somehow time travelled into a year 10 student and then in another blink of an eye into an 18 year old eying off the end of secondary schooling.  So, I encourage you to spend the quality moments you can with your children and share in their learning journey so far this year.


For many students, particularly those enrolled in VET or VCE subjects, there will be school work to go on with during the holidays.  Rather than seeing this as a chore or something to feel guilty about avoiding, I would encourage you to have a chat with your child about what work they need to complete (perhaps have a quick check in Compass for learning tasks as well!) and to help them come up with a schedule during the holidays of when they will be focusing on rest, on work and on play.  It’s a great life skill to plan for genuine times of learning and leisure and knowing when to focus on what is helpful to make sure that we can enjoy as many moments of the school holidays as possible.  I know I’m looking forward to diving into some research and learning with my son about the origins of the Universe in comparison to the origins of the Marvel Universe – a Primary school project of his over the holiday period.


To finish, I’d like to put in a shameless plug (apologies!) for an upcoming local musical production at the Lighthouse Theatre.  This year I’ve decided to step out of my personal comfort zone a bit and auditioned to be part of the Les Misérables musical.  Alongside three other staff from Warrnambool College (and 50 other incredibly talented singers and actors), we will be performing the show from 20th to 27th July.  So, if you want to see your school Principal in a very different light on stage, get your tickets to any one of the six shows soon!


Enjoy your break – I’ll look forward to reconnecting with you all in a few weeks time.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift