Clyde Road News 

New Bus Services for Clyde and Clyde North


From Sunday 28 March 2021, two new bus routes will connect residents in Clyde and Clyde North with Berwick Station, providing new options for accessing shops, healthcare services, schools and more.


Route 888 Clyde – Berwick Station will service:

  • the terminus at Pattersons and Berwick-Cranbourne roads
  • Berwick-Cranbourne Road
  • Clyde Road
  • Berwick Station

Bus Route 889 Clyde North – Berwick Station via Grices Road will service:

  • the terminus at Ferdinand Drive and Skylark Boulevard
  • Skylark Boulevard
  • Soldiers Road
  • Grices Road
  • Clyde Road
  • Berwick Station

Visit to plan your journey and to view the new Route 888 and Route 889 timetables.

Clyde Road Crossing Removal Program

I am a member of the Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) which consists of members of the Crossing Removal authority local and state government representatives and community members who have an interest or concern with the progress of this project. We meet monthly and provide regular updates to the authority and feedback to them about our concerns or the impact their work is having on the local community and Nossal High school in particular in my case. If you have any input that you would like me to take directly to them – please let me know. They are very responsive and willing to listen and to address issues if possible. They are also keen to be good neighbours as they are sharing our site and have offered to support the school in a number of practical ways. I have been impressed with their desire to engage with us and to make the whole process as effective and painless as possible; unfortunately, road congestion and inconvenience is inevitable and will continue for the rest of the year.


Roger Page