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Students, Parents, Teachers, Community members… yet another chance for you to help the environment! 


Tired of that old phone? Did you snap your headphones on the way home? Charger doing you no good? Want to clean out the shed for electronics? We have good news for you! NEST is running a Mobile Muster recycling program for all members of the Nossal community to participate in. We have placed mobile muster boxes around the school (i.e. near the Heads of House Office, the Maths Staffroom, English Printer and the Staircase in the Griffin area). We really hope that many of you if not all will participate in this event! 


For the mobile muster, we would like you to see if you have any used or broken mobile phones, chargers, cables, broken or unused headphones and please bring them in for the program. We as a school will be weighing the total mass we generate and may win a cash prize! Please ensure however prior to dropping off your item that all data has been erased or backed up, for privacy concerns. 


For any questions or concerns regarding the functioning of the program or product eligibility, please feel free to contact Sai Kristam or Hritik Jagtap. 


Hritik Jagtap

Year 10