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Year 12 Literature Excursion

Marshalling at 2.20 in the front foyer the rare opportunity for an afterschool excursion to the city arrived in the form of Maxine Beneba Clarke's twilight seminar. Maxine Beneba Clarke, celebrated award winning Australian author, who's non-traditional published texts of short fiction and poetry (but never novels) is reminiscent of her own nonconforming personality. Literature 3/4 students can write on Foreign Soil, Maxine Beneba Clarke's impactful short story collection, for a literary perspective or creative piece. The stories are centred on migration, whose characters are often outsiders and people of colour, and innovative for the ability of the character's personality types and stories to not be forced into a specific role. A scrambled photo later, we were inside the Village Roadshow Theatrette at the State Library of Victoria, a small auditorium with front row seats to the dynamic orator. The 


presentation included Beneba Clarke's breakdown of each story and an insight into her writing process. Her concept of literature as an "activism of stealth" guides the thought provoking short stories, and the understanding of characters whose experiences have given them unique realities. The event wrapped up generously with a book signing, many an abrasive anti-hero to carry on her legacy born that night.




Afreen Iqbal

Year 12