Camps & Pathways Week

Year 9 Camp

The Year 9 Roses Gap camp was a spectacular experience for the Year 9 students and teachers of Nossal High School. The various activities stimulated students to step outside their comfort zone and take a risk. From getting lost on the bushwalk around the camp to plunging into the water during canoeing, the activities ultimately brought about many new friends and new experiences that will be cherished forever. An unforgettable adventure was the night walk to where we were led across Roses Gap to a place where the stars shone vividly, illuminating the dark sky. We then gazed up to the night sky in tranquil silence, observing the peacefulness and beauty of nature. That was, until on the way back when Mr Jose and Mr Monaco decided it would be an excellent idea to jump out of the bushes and frighten us!


In addition, we had the opportunity to climb the rocks of the Grampians. For many of us, it was our first time climbing on outdoor rocks, but this did not hold us back from making the most of the experience. Initially, the thought of climbing the rocks was alarming but building up the confidence to give it a go, many students were shocked by their capabilities. The night before we had to leave, we hosted the annual 'Nossals Got (some) Talent'. 


This night was filled with miraculous performances from some talented students including upcoming magicians, a wedding to Shrek and a choir. Mr Clark, who played the role of an unimpressed judge, made the performances exhilarating and provided a healthy laugh for both audience and performers. This camp would not have been possible without the magnificent Roses Gap camp staff, hardworking teachers and avid students; Roses Gap 2021 is definitely a camp to remember! 


Oindrila Saha 

Year 9

Year 10 Uni Visit

During our final day of this year’s Camps and Pathways week, the Year 10 cohort went to visit Melbourne University and the Royal Botanic Gardens, we were split up into 2 groups and alternated between the places. At Melbourne University, we were introduced to what life is like on campus and told many stories about its culture and various traditions by the students.


We were also spoken to by two students, one a Nossal alumni, who answered any questions we had and gave us invaluable advice. The students took us on tours around the campus and showed us their favourite places and sharing a bit of history with us all. We got to see exciting places such as their workshops, lecture theatres and... the car park (a famous filming location for many movies).At the Botanical gardens, we learnt about some sustainable careers, how important they are to the conservation of wildlife in Melbourne and around the world and how we can do our part in keeping the planet clean. We each did one of three randomly allocated workshops there which were careers, sustainable gardening and carbon futures. Each focused on an aspect of sustainability and some of us even got to take home Indigenous plants. 


Overall, the experience was one-of-a-kind and definitely something we will never forget. And we hope to do something similar next year. 


Sai Kristam & Varshaa Rashmi Kantharaj 

Year 10


Year 12 Camp 

The long-awaited year 12 camp finally happened. Following the cancellation last year, the Class of 2021 was more than ready to resume the tradition of attending Lord Somers Camp, and have the experiences past year 12’s have raved about.


The next 3 days were filled with amazing hot beach weather during the day and cooled down at night for year 12’s to relaxingly enjoy the starry night. The mornings would entail calming beach walks to view the majestic sunrise of Lord Somers, followed by a big breakfast to fuel the long days. Every day on Somers beach you could observe year 12’s in Zen mode, while doing beach yoga. They were facing the humorous view of their peers falling into the water whilst enjoying paddle boarding and over to the right you could see other year 12’s scavenging to build the most robust raft.


On the other side of the camp, students were faced with the most challenging of tasks- to cooperate and pass initiative challenges. But after putting their smart minds and the magic of friendship together there was nothing they couldn’t overcome. Kayaking was also a memorable experience, with unlucky ones falling into the smelly river and others partaking in an educational and informative dolphin research program. Every day after all the activities and the scrambles for the shower, the Year 12’s would meet to enjoy trivia on the first night and the traditional ‘Nossal’s Got Talent’, on the second.


At the end of the camp, everyone left with a smile on their face and unforgettable memories, a lovely end to something started all the way back in Year 9.


Rukhsar Kaur 

Year 12