Artwork by Lena Smith

Yaama Ganu Gallery Visit


St Philomena’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years 5 to 10 were fortunate to have spent last Friday morning at Yaama Ganu Gallery with Toby. He spoke with the students about the current vibrant exhibition, Kala Pulka Ngura: Big Colour Country. The students learnt about the two artists being exhibited, Cassaria Young Hogan and Samuel Miller, before having the opportunity to view the artworks and select their favourite art piece.



Toby invited the students to explore the many tools and weapons, and other artworks found in the warehouse area of the gallery. The students discussed the artworks and learnt about different types of art that had been created across a variety of first nation's cultures. Some of the students identified artists that they were already familiar with in the local community. Hopefully one day some of our aspiring students (artists) will have their own artworks displayed in the gallery too!


Wii Gaay

Last week Jaydah Duncan of Year 5 travelled to Armidale with Shirley Johnson to attend the first Wii Gaay Hub for 2021. We cannot wait to report on their experience in our next newsletter.