From the Classroom

Grade 1/2


At Toolamba Primary School we believe that by helping students practice good behaviour, we will build a school community where all students have an environment where they can succeed and grow. For the remainder of the term we are having a targeted focus on ‘Kindness’. Students have completed a range of activities. Some of these involve being a good friend and how to sprinkle kindness throughout our day. Why not ask your children the ways they have demonstrated kindness today? 



Life Education

Students in Grades 1 and 2 learnt about Safety Rules. We had a great time learning about what to do in an emergency, what to take with us on a trip to stay safe and where to go for help for a range of different circumstances.


Grade 3/4

It was wonderful to share students' learning with parents throughout last week. 

Students have begun to develop their skills in Narrative writing. We are focusing on using adjectives and verbs to help engage the audience.


Student Pieces:


The colossal, dusty moon looks like a diamond in the night floating over the Earth.

Evie Monks


The white pearly whiskers tickle as you go further on.

Lachy Sorraghan


In Maths, our whole class focus is on Time. Students are learning to tell the time to the minute, using AM or PM to help us know the time of day and converting between units of time such as 2 minutes = 120 seconds.


We all enjoyed visiting Gayle and Harold in our Life Ed experience this week. Students got to explore the human body, we learnt about the different systems our body is made up of and all of our organs.


Students have been practising for Toolamba Sports Day next week. They have been shown different techniques during their PE sessions with Mrs Sproule. A big thank you to Jacqui Evans and Sharon O’Connell for helping us prepare for our upcoming Sports Day.


Grade 5/6 KT Writing - Captivating Our Reader

The hot, bright sun melts gently into the calm, flat water.

The deep purple sky sits happily on the peaked mountains.

The soft plants sway gently in the cool wind. – Erin


The furious eye stared into my soul.

The eyelash burns like the fire of his rage.

His striped fur was as smooth as new concrete. Oscar F


The tiger’s raging eye was staring at me like an eagle.

Its soft, silky fur brushed against the cage like a polishing cloth.

Its bold eyelashes raised high with anger. – Lucy


The tiger’s sparkly eye stares like a predator.

Its bold, black eyelashes quiver.

Its thick, coarse fur radiates in the log grass. Elyse


Clear, pristine water shone like glass on a sunny day, as a boat raged through it.

Soggy, squelchy hair blew and scattered in the harsh wind.

The beautifully patterned board rose above the water like an excited kid on a trampoline.

 – Eve


The sun beamed down on thee sunflowers, shining bright for all to see.

The vibrant colours light up the world like a shooting star in the night.

The petals stand tall, making the sunflowers themselves. The petals grip on to the seeds like getting a hug from a friend. – Siarn