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Lost property!

We have items of value that have been lost on site this term.  If you are the owner of any of these, please contact the office ASAP!  Also note that identification will be required before collecting the objects.

School Photos 2022 - Register to view your child(ren)'s photos!

The annual school photos have been taken by Arthur Reed Photos.

To view the images of your child and order photos, you will need to first register online.

(If your child is fairly new to CJC and you didn’t receive a flyer on photo day, you should have already received a personalized code via email from the school.)


  • Tap on ‘Add another child’ to enter the image codes of any siblings
  • Fill in your email and mobile details and then review all details before confirming your registration 

That’s it! When 2022 photos are ready, you will be notified by email and SMS.

Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do it again each year using your child’s new image code to link their photos for the current year with your contact details.


To ensure you are ordering school photos for the current year, please wait for notifications that 2022 images are online before placing orders. 


In the webshop you can view photos and customize your photo package; Choose ANY layout, ANY image and purchase multiple digital image downloads.


All photo orders will be sent directly to the address you provide when ordering.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW to be notified when 2022 school photos can be viewed and ordered.


If any families have any issues with the registration or ordering process, please contact the customer service team at Arthur Reed directly for assistance, 03 5243 4390.


Thank you


Mrs Warman

Lunch orders

Hot lunches and nutritious snacks (gluten free option !) and save time with recurring orders

Save time and hassle with recurring orders!


Wellbeing news

On Wednesday of this week our school community had the opportunity to attend a webinar from Hugh Van Cuylenberg of the Resilience Project. Please see below a link to the recording of the presentation.

Please note, this link will expire at midnight on 26th May. 

Cybersatefy news

Dear member of our village,


I know it really does take a village to raise (up) our children. Our children being okay matters most. My fierce care and protection of my children extends to your children too. If I find out your child may be unsafe, I will give you the heads up. I am so grateful knowing you will do the same for me. I want my children to know secrets about something unsafe are not secrets to keep... Even if it's about a friend.


It may feel like an uncomfortable conversation to have but I will speak up. Even if I know it may be hard for you to hear. Thank you in advance for giving me the heads up about my child. Just know I will be so grateful that you chose to have that conversation with me. Our children being okay matters most. I’m also the parent who takes delight when I find out your child has made an amazing choice. I’ll be the first to message or ring you to celebrate this.


Mistakes are just part of growing up. Mistakes are not made by “those children” from “those families”, but all children from all families. I don’t want our kids to get lost in shame because of a mistake. I want to be part of that safe landing place for our children to fall when they trip up. I want our kids to know that there is a village of safe adults to help them back from an unsafe place (no matter how far they have wandered).


Our children being okay matters most. Parenting can bring us to our knees from worry and exhaustion. Parenting can, in the very next moment, bring us heart bursting love and joy. Just take a breath. And another breath. Through all these moments, together we can do this.


Thank you member of our village

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Help us turn bread bags into school play equipment!


Bread tags for wheelchairs in South Africa!