Our chickens are still looking for carers during the holidays

Congratulations to Klil (4E) and Emilie (3C) for winning the beautiful blankets!

There was a total of 125 tickets in the draw!  A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the chooks food stores 😊



Holiday helpers still needed for the second week!


Sparkle, Snowy and Sapphire need some attention over the school holidays and would greatly appreciate your help.


This involves refilling water bowls and feeding the chickens, both morning and evening.

If you are able to help only in the morning or evening, please indicate this.


If you can help, please email your availability to Mme Wilson as soon as possible, or drop this notice into the school office.  We still need volunteers for the second week of school holidays.


A roster will be sent home with all necessary information.


The ‘girls’ would also appreciate any donations of tinned corn and chickpeas.

If you can help in this way, please drop tins into Mme Wilson’s classroom or the school office.


Students donating tins of corn/chickpeas will have entries into our raffle. The prizes are handmade blankets.




Parent name: ______________________     Child name: ______________________        Class: __________



Contact phone number: ___________________



Maximum number of days you want to volunteer: _____


Dates available (please mark as appropriate, noting morning or afternoon if not available for both):









27 June


28 June


29 June


30 June


1 July


2 July




3 July


4 July




5 July6 July7 July8 July

9 July


10 July