What are the students doing? 

Que font les élèves ?

From the Student Leaders / De nos capitaines d'école

We would like to thank and acknowledge the dedication of these three amazing students who have accepted to step into the role of School Captains for the last week of term to cover the absences.  They have done a fantastic job!!!


Bastille Day

On Thursday 14th of July we will be celebrating Bastille Day at CJC! Bastille Day is a dress up day so students will be able to come dressed up in French colours or as a French personality. We will have a special assembly on the day as well as fun classroom activities and a whole school parade to celebrate an event which is quite special for our community. There will be a soccer match and some students from Fitzroy Primary school will be coming to spend the day with us! We would really appreciate if you brought a gold coin donation on the day. There are also a lot of fun activities planned for the whole week. Have a good holiday!

-Rose Woodger  6F, Waratah Captain (red)


Peer mediation at CJC

The student leaders will be introducing and trialling a program in Term 3 called Peer Mediation. It will be opened for Grade 4 & Grade 5 students and is mainly targeted at those who want to become future school leaders and develop their leadership skills for Year 6. This program is for students who would like to help around and solve conflict in the yard. Peer Mediation is when year 4 and 5 assist yard duty teacher during playtime (recess & lunch), helping solve conflict that may happen. They will wear bright yellow vests like the teachers in order to be seen. These student are impartial and do not side in problems, instead, they find a fair and positive solution to the problem. If your child would like to participate in this program, we invite the students to talk to their teachers or Mr Ramano about it. The students selected will attend a training session at school. Furthermore, Mr Borg with the help of the students leaders organised a wellbeing forum a weeks ago. Students were randomly selected and interviewed about bullying issues in class and the school yard. We are looking forward to implementing these great initiatives and we thank you as always for your continued support.

-Grace Garland 6F, Banksia captain (blue)


Incursions and excursions

At CJC we have lots of fun and exciting incursions and excursion! On Friday the 17th, the preps had a really fun fire education incursion as parts of their unit of inquiry. They got to learn about the job of a fireman and even had the privilege of watching the fire truck siren go off. On the last day of term, the year 5s and 6s are going to the Melbourne museum. The year 1 and 2s had their ACMI excursion and had lots of fun. Next term, education week will be in Week 4 and science week will be in week 6, our lovely teachers will have some fun and engaging activities prepared for the both weeks. The athletics carnival for year 3 to 6 students will be on the 3rd of August, We look forward to all these fun events and we wish you all an enjoyable holiday.

-Ellie-Peach Morley 56A, Arts captain

Teaching and learning digital technologies

Last week, we introduced Coby, a digital technology consultant, who will be working with us to help improve the way we teach digital technology at CJC. Last week, 5/6B were lucky enough to take part in his coding lesson involving ‘Microbits’, they loved it! Next term, Miss Spencer, together with the STEM Leaders, Rushil and Teva, will be selecting a team of students to form a STEM club. These students will be testing, trialling and becoming experts in using different technologies and programs in the school.


We love the Buddy Program!

As part of the Buddy program, our prep students had so much fun designing and decorating a special device with their Grade 5/6 buddy.  The task was to build a box which would provide a soft landing for an egg when dropped from above.  We didn’t see too many egg splatters thanks to their engineering skills, but we did have a good laugh!

Nous adorons le programme "Buddy" !

Dans le cadre du Buddy Program, nos élèves de grande section se sont bien amusés à créer et décorer un réceptacle protecteur pour les œufs avec leur Buddy en CM2 et 6ème.  Ils ont eu la tâche de construire une boîte pour amortir la chute d’un œuf lâché au-dessus.  Nous n’avons pas eu trop d’éclaboussures grâce à leurs compétences en ingénierie, mais nous avons bien rigolé !