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David Ugunaitponi

Have you noticed an Aboriginal person on your fifty dollar notes?


The person on the note is David UgUnaitponi. David was an aboriginal person who stood up for aboriginal rights and aboriginal values. David was the first aboriginal author to be published in English. 


David Unaipon – as he was known - wrote articles for the newspapers and magazines including the Sydney daily telegraph. David used to tell traditional stories and argued for Aboriginal rights.


David Unaipon was a man of intelligence, religious faith, and vision. He believed that there was a similarity between Christian and Aboriginal values. He preached widely and sought to improve the education of Aboriginal people.


He was put on the fifty dollar note in 1995. David was an author, inventor, evangelical preacher and political adviser. He was born on the 28th of September 1872 and died on the 7th February 1967.




By Maggie F