In Religion, the Pre-Primary children have begun exploring the topic, “Me and My Body”. This unit delves into how everyone has a body and the ways in which they use them. The children have been encouraged to wonder and discuss ways in which Jesus used his body and showed people how to use their bodies for good. Later in the term the children will explore the unit, “The Gift of Life” and reflect on things that they are able to do because they have been given the Gift of Life. They will then conclude the term by learning about God’s creation and ways in which people can care for all creation.


In Mathematics this term, the children will continue to practice and develop fundamental Math’s Skills such as number recognition, rote counting, one to one correspondence, patterns, counting forwards and backwards, 2D and 3D shapes, and attempting some simple addition.




Throughout the year in Pre-Primary, the children have been busy learning their sounds, and using this knowledge in their writing. Through writing, students are consolidating phonemic awareness and basic concepts of print such as letter recognition, letter to sound links, and blending. They are also learning to communicate with an audience, developing and refining their writing skills, manipulating sounds and attempting to spell words phonetically, developing their vocabulary and also building fluency and comprehension skills. This semester, the children will also begin to develop their reading skills through many hands on, interactive and fun experiences.


In the Integrated Program, the Pre-Primary children will be focusing on the Human Body, which links in to their Religion units. Their integrated program provides children the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination in their learning. The children will be given many opportunities to put their scientific skills into action through experimenting and inquiring about the Human Body. Children will use skills such as; observing, investigating, making predictions and problem solving. There will also be links to Humanities and Social Sciences as the children will explore how many things have basic needs that help them to stay alive.













Each year, across Australia, The CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) brings children and books together celebrating Children’s Book Week. The 2017 theme is “Escape to Everywhere”.  Books are judged in four categories which are Early Childhood, Younger Readers, Older Readers and Picture Books, some of these books are on display in our Library.


To help celebrate Book Week all children are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a Book for the Assembly.  A “Dress Up Pass” has been sent home. These passes are to be returned to the Library and will be placed into a raffle draw. 


Book Week Celebrations:

Book Fair        Monday, Tuesday & Thursday           8.00am to 8.30am                                                                                       3.00pm to 3.30pm


                        Wednesday                                          3.00pm to 3.30pm


EFTPOS  Available excluding American Express and Diners Club


Wednesday 16 August             

Book Week Assembly Play by School Performance Tours called “Read You Can Orang-utan.”






During the last few weeks the mental maths ideas have focused on strategies for addition including adding one, adding two, counting-on and making ten(s). Another useful strategy for addition is rearranging numbers and operations.

Rearranging Numbers and Operations 

On paper, we tend to calculate with numbers in the order they are given. Doing mathematics mentally frees us to do calculations in the order we choose and can do more easily. For example, if we do 6 – 3 + 2 + 4 + 8 in our heads, we can rearrange it as (6 + 4) + (2 + 8) – 3—two combinations of 10, then subtract 3 last. However, to do this, a child must be able to remember the numbers and rearrange them mentally. This is hard for some people. 




On Wednesday the Kindergarten children were fortunate to have the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm visit. The excursion allowed the children to consolidate their learning of farm animals and some of the food products that farms provide and produce.













iMessage is an instant messaging app that comes preinstalled on all iPads. This instant communication tool enables the user to “text” other Apple devices. iMessage is not allowed to be used at school, nor does the school ever endorse children using iMessage for school communication. 


Parents are encouraged to be aware if their child is using iMessage. Messages should be monitored at all times as anything that is posted online can be retrieved forever. 


If you do not want your child to have access to iMessage this feature can be turned off by enabling restrictions.  


How to Turn Off iMessage

If restrictions are enabled you need to turn off restrictions before you can perform this procedure.

1. Go to Settings – Messages

2. Set “iMessage” to “off”

3. Go to Settings – General – Restrictions

4. Enable Restrictions

5. Under Restriction settings go to “allow changes” – “Accounts”

6. Select “Don’t Allow Changes”

7. iMessage is now disabled


You will see in the column on the left in Settings the icon for iMessage fades. When the iMessage app is opened, a message will appear, saying, “This iPad is restricted from creating iMessage accounts.” When OK is clicked, the app closes.




Infant Jesus Quiz Night

Great news, we have released more tables! Tickets are on sale NOW! 

• To book a table, please email

• Tables of 8-10 only, no individual tickets

These will be the absolute LAST TABLES!  Tickets are limited and selling fast so please book quickly!


Quiz Night Donations

We are in need of donations for Quiz Night prizes.  If you are able to provide bottles of wine or chocolates we can include in hampers we would be very grateful.  


Any businesses who can donate vouchers or products will be promoted via Facebook and on the night of the Quiz.


Please drop at the school office or email if you would like us to collect the items.

 Nicola Cecchele - P&F President


Infant Jesus Quiz Night

Tickets are on sale NOW!

- To book a table please email

- Tables of 8-10 only, no individual tickets

Tables are LIMITED and selling FAST so please book quickly!


Pre-Primary Coffee Catch Up

▪️ Thursday 17 August

▪️ Straight after school drop off

▪️ tbsp - 10 King William St. Bayswater


Year 3 

 Dinner - Friday 1 September 7pm at Two40Three, Coventry Village - RSVP by 28 August  

Hope to see you all there - Justine & Sherrie 


Year 5 Parent Dinner

Date: Friday, 8 September

Time: 7 pm

Venue: Italians Restaurant, Morley

RSVP: ASAP, Maria 0410 151 110

Hope you can make it!



Please see attached information regarding this year's Father and Son Camp.




WOOLWORTHS Earn and Learn

This year we are participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational resources for our school – and all we need you to do is shop for your groceries at Woolworths. From Wednesday 26 July to Tuesday 19 September we are collecting Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers. You will get one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Place the Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker onto a Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheet and when it’s complete, the Sticker Sheet can be dropped into the Collection Box here at the school or at your local Woolworths.


At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers lots of items ideal for our students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts & Craft and Sport. If you’d like to know more visit A box has been placed in the office for you to put your completed sticker sheets.  If you have any questions about this promotion then please come and see me.







Term 3

Friday 11 August

Rosa Ridolfo, Simone McGuire

Monday 14 August

Renae Levings, Paige Di Dio, Anella Tollis

Wednesday 16 August

Cheryl Barras, Marisol Rapy, Jenny Allpike


The attached Winter Menu continues for Term 3. 





To assist with school based events, please ensure that both of these have been completed. 

1. Complete the Volunteer Workshop 


2. Read and Sign the Code of Conduct which is new in 2017.  


It is a requirement that not only the Parent Volunteer Workshop has been completed, but the school based Code of Conduct has been signed and returned to the office.  



Copies of the Code of Conduct are available from the front office. 




An iPad is now available for entering the school during school hours. This replaces the sign in book. Please follow these procedures:

  • Sign in and receive a Lanyard or Exit Card
  • Enter the school
  • Sign out and return the Lanyard

All visitors to the school must sign in i.e. Parents dropping things off, Parents picking up students, Volunteers helping Canteen or Class, Students arriving late,  Maintenance workers etc.




There is an approval procedure that must be followed if you are taking your children out of school for several days.  

  • Letter or email must be sent to the Principal and Teacher advising the school of the circumstances of the absence.
  • School then formally approves the absence with a letter sent to Parents.

It is important to note that the Education Act states that all children need to be at school at all times during the school year.


Prolonged absences should only be taken if it is essential for illness, pastoral and family reasons. In this instance it is a requirement that parents provide a valid explanation in writing for children’s

non-attendance at school.


It is also important to note that prolonged absence from school may impact on children’s learning.



The Pastoral Care Ministry is still collecting items for the St. Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal. The Winter Appeal is an appeal for items that will keep the homeless warm this winter. These items may include, blankets, jumpers, coats, beanies or sleeping bags.

Donations close tomorrow Friday 10 August. 


We are also continuing to collect ring pulls for Brother Ollie’s Wheelchairs. These ring pulls are donated to Brother Ollie who turns them into wheelchairs for the less fortunate. Any aluminium ring pull can be placed in the green container located near the iLab. 

Thank you. 




As part of the Infant Jesus 'Power of One' initiative, we will be having Kids' Kong classes for Pre-Primary and Years 1-6 children during Term 3.  The classes will be a combination of aerobic fitness and dance, set to music.






Child Protection Week will commence on Sunday 3 September, 2017, and we will officially celebrate Child Protection Sunday on 10 September 2017.


Once again, the Perth Catholic Archdiocese will be the host for the official Western Australian Child Protection Week Event. Child Protection Week is a national week and in every state, one event is chosen by NAPCAN (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) to be listed as the official state event. As such, the relevant Government Ministers and their CEOs and Directors together with the Commissioner for Police and Executive Director of the Department for Child Protection will be invited to attend. National Awards for Child Protection Agencies will also be announced at the Breakfast by the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA.




This year the competition for children’s involvement is a poster competition and all the details are attached. Please print off the flyer and start promoting this in your parish. 


There will be a major prize for each age group winner which will be presented to the individual winners at the Child Protection Week Breakfast.


The winning children and a parent will be invited to attend the breakfast event at no charge and their posters will be displayed on the big screen during the prize presentations.


The overall winner will again win an iPad and the exciting news is that the overall winner’s poster will be used to create the official Safeguarding Poster that will then be distributed to all parishes for use in the foyer or hall.  


ALL DETAILS ARE ATTACHED and entries need to be in the Safeguarding Office/Parish Office no later than 19 August 2017 for judging.


Parish News


Sacrament of ​First Eucharist Commitment Masses - A reminder to all families who have enrolled their child for the Sacrament of


​ First ​Eucharist at ​ ​Infant Jesus Parish this year, that you are required to attend one of the Commitment Masses listed below -


Saturday, ​19 August at 6:30 pm OR


Sunday, ​20 August at 9:30 am OR


Sunday, ​20 August  at 6:00 pm 


Please remember to bring your child's holy card and to ​cross off your child's name at the registration before or after the Mass.



Parents Information Night- Monday, 21  August, 7:00pm at the Parish Centre

Parents and Child Workshop- Monday, 28 August, 7:00pm at the Parish Centre

First Eucharist Retreat and Practice- Friday, 8 September, 9:00am at the Parish Centre

First Eucharist Masses- Saturday, 9 September at 6.30pm, OR Sunday, 10 September at 9.30am OR at 11.30am




All youth in Years 6-12 are invited to join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall.  For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393





As she was growing up, Edith prayed at home with her family and went to religious services. While this could be said about many Catholic saints, Edith’s family was a little different. She was from a devout Jewish family. Then when Edith was about 13 years old, she gave up faith in God altogether. Edith grew up in Breslau, Germany, the youngest of seven children. Her father died when Edith was young, so she became very close to her mother. Edith was a very intelligent girl. She was so smart that the teacher sent her home from kindergarten; there was nothing for her to learn there. Edith didn’t just study when there was going to be a test in school. She studied because she loved to learn. She always got high marks in everything except math. Edith continued her studies at the university, where she earned a doctorate degree in philosophy.


Then as an inquisitive young woman, she picked up the autobiography of Saint Teresa of Ávila. Edith was so captivated that she couldn’t put the book down, and she completed reading it in one night. The next day she bought a Catholic catechism and read it. Edith felt that she had finally found the truth she had been looking for since she was 13.


When Edith was baptized, her mother cried. Edith did not have the heart to tell her mother that she also wanted to be a Carmelite nun. So she waited. She taught school, translated books, and gave lectures—and she prayed. Finally in 1934, she entered the convent and received the name Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She shared in the domestic work of the nuns, but also continued to write about philosophy. In 1938 the persecution of Jews became so intense in Germany that it became dangerous for the rest of the sisters in the convent. They could be killed simply for giving shelter to a Jewish person. Edith and her sister Rosa, who had also become Catholic, went to Holland.


Four years later Holland was occupied by the Nazis, and one day, without warning, soldiers came to the convent door. They gave Edith and her sister 10 minutes to pack before they put them on a train to Germany. From there they were sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland.   Edith was canonized in 1998. One of her favorite sayings was “Far be it from me to glory except in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Edith found her glory in the cross.






People in every nation enhance the social dimension of their lives by acting as committed and responsible citizens not as a mob swayed by the powers that be. Let us not forget that "responsible citizenship is a virtue and participation in political life is a moral obligation". Yet becoming a people demands something more. It is an ongoing process in which every new generation must take part: a slow and arduous effort calling for a desire for integration and a willingness to achieve this through the growth of a peaceful and multifaceted culture of encounter. (Evangelii Gaudium "Joy of the Gospel" #220)