Classroom News & Student Awards

Classroom News

Junior Class - Mrs Creek

Well, it is hard to believe but it is the end of Term 2! I know that our class has filled up their writing and mathematics books for this Semester.  As they bring them home, please enjoy looking at all their learning. A classic shared story this week starts with ‘Once upon a time …’. This always indicates a fairy tale beginning. The three little pigs in this story all are busy building their houses before the wolf comes on the scene. Everyone chorused what the wolf said. Mathematic foci includes money,  some work in the hundreds, and understanding position (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and days of the week. Have a great family holiday time.

Middle Class - Miss Williams

This week we have continued to work on our information reports. We have produced some wonderful 'good' copies of our Elephant reports and have even had some fun creating 3D paper elephants. In reading we have continued our focus on informational reports with a book on insects. There has been lots of discussion about huge spiders and where we have seen them. In maths we have been working on using the jump and split strategy for both Year 3 and Year 2. The Year 3s have been using it for subtraction, while the Year 2s use it for addition. We have had a fun filled week with preparing and presenting assembly this week and having a staff vs students tee-ball match. Tee-ball was all the talk on Tuesday and Wednesday and poor Jonas couldn’t believe his luck when I told him to hit the ball to me and I’ll catch him out. He did just that ... and I caught it. Nothing like some friendly competition between teachers and students. Have a lovely and safe holidays and we can’t wait to see you all in Term 3.

Senior Class - Miss Walker

During the week, our class has been focusing on an information text about New Zealand Fur Seals. In writing, we have been gathering and sorting information to include in our reports. It has been fantastic to see some students go above and beyond, gathering relevant facts and creating some fantastic information reports. In art, we have been working on some entries to provide for the Hindmarsh Shire Council Youth Strategy competition where the theme is ‘My Place’. I hope everyone has a wonderful break over the holidays. 

It has been fantastic being part of the St Pats community and thank you to all the students, staff and parents who made me feel so welcome. 

Little Joey

This week we continue to acknowledge the significant role of the "Brown Joeys" in the establishment of St Patrick's School, and recognised K'Lu Doh Soe, Nile and Tia with Little Joey awards.  Our Little Joeys receive a certificate, sticker and a voucher/goods donated by a local business.  We are very grateful for the contributions from our local businesses.  


Reading Awards

The following students were recognised this week for their reading achievements:

75 nights - Nile, AJ, Doh Wah Htoo, Nelson, Sienna, Isabella, Max, Daniel
100 nights - Georgia



Happy birthday wishes to ...

Ben and Nile