Senior School

Year 11 VCAL

We were given the opportunity by our VCAL coordinators to learn the skills of becoming a barista. On the 27th of February, we all made our way to Cote Terra, a coffee shop in Oakleigh to complete a Barista course. This workshop took us through all the basics of preparing espresso, steaming the perfect milk and learning the ins and outs of operating a coffee machine. This course truly tested our college values as we were having to take responsibility to be able to commute our way to Oakleigh alone, showing respect to our trainer for the day so we could get the best lesson possible. We all had to be very resilient on the day because not only is learning a new skill-rewarding it comes with its challenges such as some of us finding it difficult so we had to use our teamwork skills, to be able to support each other to the best of our abilities. Using this knowledge, we hope to in the near future be able to run our own coffee store here at Doncaster secondary. We would love to thank our amazing VCAL coordinator Mr Roche for making this possible, as well as Miss Campbell and Miss Foti for taking the time out of their day to join us to complete this course.

Jamil V. 11V



Study Scores - VCAA

Study scores and how they are calculated are difficult concepts to explain. To support schools with the task, the VCAA have created three videos that explain what a study score is and how it is worked out. Click on the below link to view them and learn more about this important topic. 


Ty Dennis

Head of Senior School