Middle School

Year 9 MyFuture Police Museum Excursion


On Wednesday, 13 March, the Year 9 MyFuture students had the opportunity to travel to the Police Museum in the city. The students had the opportunity to learn about significant moments in Victoria’s history including  Ned Kelly, Russel Street Bombings and Black Saturday Bushfires. During the Museum tour, the students had the opportunity to look at the changes in the Police Uniform over time and the important role that police have in our society. This was a great experience for all MyFuture students to learn about the Police Force and what a job in this workforce entails.


Laura  Chiappa 

PE Teacher

All About Me

Our year 7 students have been working on a Diagnostic Task "All About Me" in class, here are some excerpts: 


I have also travelled a fair bit including to the stunning land of America and mesmerising New Zealand. I love going to the beach into the beautiful, crystal clear water and surfing. To me, with the sun a shimmering diamond in the sky and the tranquil sound of nothing but laughter, I feel like I’m in paradise.


Ruby Cooper 7J


This year my goal is to have a full conversation in Italian and to understand really well. I also want to test my learning skills to the best of my ability, not just in one subject but all. And giving 110%


Loren Oxha 7J


I am officially a Doncaster Secondary College student! I can’t wait to see what my future holds at this school. My goal for this year is to have a positive mindset and to think on the bright side.

Alexya Charalambous 7J


At school, I am not amazing at English. This is something I hope to improve on. My spelling is something I would also like to improve as well as my reading.

Enrique Di D'Amico 7J


We were having assembly and the principal asked us, “What starts with M and happened on Monday?” I put my hand up and told the whole school…MARDI GRAS. It was supposed to be MOOMBA!!!

Karlie Moody 7J


Then came high school and I was ready! I’m not the stereotypical kind of guy, so this first day I wasn’t one bit nervous. My intention for high school is to do my best and leave high school ready for the world.

Dominic Romanella 7F


I opened my eyes. All I could see were my parents’ smiling faces shoving a camera in my face to take a photo. I was slightly confused until I realised it was my first day of school!

Sophia Vesdrevanis 7F

Year 8 Werribee Zoo Excursion 


Earlier this week, our Year 8 students went to the Werribee Zoo on an excursion for Geography. Throughout the day the students collected data on a grassland environment, including the establishment of its importance to the ecosystem and the need for conservation and management.


Hermione Inskip

Geography Teacher

Year 9 MyLeader - Dialogue in The Dark 


On March 13, the Year 9 MyLeader group travelled to the city by bus and participated in Dialogue in the Dark. We experienced what it was like to be visually-impaired and work our way through a simulation of Melbourne City. Due to our sight being taken away, we had to rely on our other senses which gave us a new perspective. Groups of six were brought into a dark space, where we were given canes to guide us through the tour. The guides were all visually impaired and knew their way through space inside-out. When we were in the darkness, we had to work together in order to find specific things and places. The model included simulations of, Birrarung Marr, Queen Victoria Market, a tram ride, MCG and a house. These were chosen for us to understand that even the visually-impaired can go to places and experience as much as those that can see. Our guides also explained to us about how Melbourne needs to incorporate more assistance for disadvantaged people. Overall, it was a very beneficial excursion that made us all more aware of what some people have to go through on a daily basis.

Elina Jayamanna & Kelly Ng 9E


My Leader students from DSC went to the dialogue in the dark to gain a wider perspective by experiencing the everyday events of the visually impaired. This company is found in 30 different countries and 150 cities all around the world and the one we visited in Melbourne, is the only one located in Australia. We found this experience confronting and have come to hold greater respect for those who are vision impaired. It is an organisation that simulates experiences commonly had by the vision impaired. Having the opportunity to further our understanding of the life of the vision impaired has really helped to improve our leadership abilities. It allowed for us to improve trust, communication, teamwork and resilience as well as (and most importantly) our respect for the vision impaired. Being able to navigate and experience life from their perspective was incredible. Our whole group enjoyed the Dialogue in the dark experience, and we highly encourage others to give this a go. 


“I’m so sorry for hitting you.”

“Where am I?”

“Who is this?”

“Where is (insert name)?”                                   

“Where are you guys?”

-every My Leader student on the 13/3/19

Tash, Victoria and Rebecca