Italian and Arts Study Tour 2019

On Tuesday at lunchtime, the Italian and Art Study Tour group received their tour jumpers. Students are very excited about the upcoming tour to Italy. 




They will be leaving on Saturday, 23 March for the 3-week trip. So much preparation has gone into what will be a fantastic trip. The principal Ms McMaster and Language and Art teachers came along to the meeting to farewell the group and pass on their travelling tips. Mr Annakis shared his fond memories of when he was a student at DSC and travelled to Italy as part of the Study Tour. Signor Brogno wisely advised the students to be adventurous with their food choices and to try a different gelato flavour every day. 


Caterina Gucciardo

Teacher of Italian

French News


For any foreign movie lovers, the French Film Festival is happening from 6 March until 10 April in Palace Cinemas around Melbourne. For more information, you can click on the link below. Happy viewing!


Sylvie Berthié

French Teacher