International Students

Vietnam and Cambodia International Student Trip


This year the DSC International Student Program took initiatives to diversify our current International Student cohort by extending our marketing trips to Vietnam and Cambodia. This was organised by the Department of Education and Training (DET). During this trip, we visited 15 Education Agents in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Phenom Phen. We also participated in 3 education exhibitions in those 3 cities. It was a very good opportunity for DSC to start building a relationship with Education Agents there, and to meet protentional students and their families.




I would like to share some of my observations and learning from the trip:

  • In order to strengthen relationships with the Education Agents in Vietnam and Cambodia, we need to visit them regularly
  • Based on other state schools' experiences, it generally takes almost 2 years to recruit students from Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • The most commonly asked question from agents and students’ parents were about the homestays provided for student
  • The International Student support staff at DSC and whether or not a Vietnamese speaking staff member could support students for their needs and assist in communicating with parents.


International Student Program Coordinator

Extra homework club support for the International Student Program


International Student Program is providing extra support for all internationals in the form of a homework club. In the past, we only have homework club every Wednesday afternoon Period 4 for English Intensive international students. but from now on,  Every Monday and Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm in L7, International Student Program staff will be there to support these students. The notification has been sent out to all internationals and their family about this extra support opportunity and feedback we received so far is quite positive. The purpose of this club is to help students to form a study group, to ask any questions related to their academic and social life, or simply for us to refer students to related parties.  We encourage all internationals to make good use of this club.



International Student Program Coordinator

School Sports

These students have reflected on their experiences participating in inter-school sports, Basketball Round Robin and Tennis Round Robin. 


Student Reflections

On Thursday, 14 March, Doncaster Secondary College’s basketball teams went to a competition to Waverly Basketball centre to play against other schools: Balwyn High School and Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College. There are two teams group A and B in the girl's basketball team. As part of team B, we had some tough games against Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College as we did not have a break between our first match with Balwyn High School and second match with them.

This was the first official basketball match for me as an International student. Prior to the tournament, I found it exciting but at the same time pressurising because I would really like to perform my best for my school. Although Doncaster Secondary College’s Girl basketball B team did not make to Grand Final, we are glad that we went up to Final after winning against the Balwyn High School with a score of 0 - 35.

My teammates and coaches were very cheerful, helpful and energetic which makes me want to participate in the upcoming tournaments. I have made a lot of new friends and I learned a lot from them especially the importance of teamwork, communication skills, decision-making, leadership skills and sportsmanship. I am very passionate about the sport and I look forward to getting involved in other sports programmes, competitions or tournaments for basketball, tennis and badminton in the future. 

Shin Thant (Berry) EAIN - 08F


Last Thursday, the school held the Boroondara Division Round Robin Mixed Tennis competition for Year 8 students. Students from other schools had great strengths in tennis. It was an unforgettable experience for me to play against those awesome tennis players. I really cherish this opportunity to meet outside school friends and exchange tennis skills with them. The weather was quite sunny that day, so I have been exhausted after a few games. However, enjoying the happiness of tennis under the sunshine was a wonderful thing. I felt like no one really cared about the scores of those games. The mode of playing friendly games with others makes us felt more comfortable. This event helped me improved a lot of my tennis skills. I'm a girl who really enjoys tennis and participates in the tennis club outside the school. This is one of the reasons that participated in this event. I am looking forward to the next Round Robin because I also love to play volleyball, basketball and badminton. The more, the better!!!

Xinyi (Cindy) LI - 08F