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Luke Scott


Geelong Industry Trade Training Centre dinner

On Monday, 9 September, I had the pleasure of attending the VET Hospitality Second Year students’ dinner. The evening was held at the Geelong Industry Trade Training Centre in Corio, of which North Geelong Secondary College is a partner. The dinner was created, prepared and served by students from the Certificate II Hospitality course. 


As a chef of 11 years and a bit of a foodie, to be honest, I was not expecting a gourmet meal. I was very wrong and pleasantly surprised. The food is some of the best I have eaten, the flavours, textures and presentation was worthy of a fine dining restaurant. Even the small details such as correct temperature plates for each dish, was covered. 

The students are to be commended on the skills they have learned over the past two years and demonstrated in Monday night’s dinner.

Our students were:


Fatemeh NAZARI







R U OK Day

The women who attend the weekly ‘Culturally and Linguistically Diverse’ Group at NGSC had a great morning celebrating RU OK day on Thursday, 12 September.

We all enjoyed a morning of pampering, self-care, cooking and sharing stories. There was much fun and laughter as nails were painted, make up applied, RU Okay cups painted as well as some competitive table tennis occurring! The celebration was held at the Fort and it was a great way to finish up another term together.

Merryl Arnold

Secondary School Nurse



Vera Dudas

Multicultural Community Liaison Officer

Multicultural Committee News

The school holidays are upon us and it's not long  now to NGSC’s annual Multicultural Festival, to be held on Friday, 25 October, 2019.  This year’s theme of the festival is ‘Generations’ thus, we are seeking community members, families, parents, guardians, friends and students of all ages to dress in national cultural costumes and join us in the festive opening parade or come during the day to enjoy the festivities on offer.  The grand event will start with the opening ceremony at 10:00 am showcasing a parade of national and cultural costumes, followed by entertainment and very charismatic guest speakers.  The festival will officially open to the  whole community from 11:00 am and will go through to 3:00 pm with myriad of activities, food stalls, amusement rides, sports, various entertainment and so much more.


Our homemade cake stall has been a tradition at NGSC since the Festival’s beginning and we are seeking your support once again this year.  Thus, with the advanced notice and school holidays approaching you may consider and be kind enough to bake some of your favourite cakes for the Festival.  We know we will need to raise the bar to live up to expectations and continue the tradition of being “the best homemade Cake Stall in Geelong”.    

The next Multicultural Committee meeting will be held in term four on Monday, 14 October, at lunch time (12:45 pm) in the Discussion Room.  We will finalise our plans for the Multicultural Festival.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Spring holiday. See you all next term.  

Attention!! Attention!! Attention!!

Cakes! Slices! Muffins! Sweets!


Yes friends, the famous NGSC Multicultural Festival Cake Stall is happening again!  But it can only be as fabulous as we remember if our wonderful families and friends bake lots of cakes/ slices/ muffins/ sweets and send/bring them along for the Multicultural Committee to sell on Friday, 25 October, at the annual Multicultural Festival.


We would appreciate if you could have them at the school by 9:00 am on the morning of the Festival.  It is OK to send them with the students.  If you think you can help please let us know.

Please note, due to health regulations we require a list of ingredients (not the recipe) with the goods.


Forms to write down ingredients are available from members of the Multicultural Committee: Mrs. Dudas, Mrs. Romano and Ms. Nguyen in the VCE staffroom or at the front office.


Thank you, on behalf of the Multicultural Committee,

Mrs. Dudas, Ms. Nguyen and Mrs. Walters.