$20 Boss

During term three, a group of VCAL students have been undertaking a program called $20 Boss, run by Rhys Mawson from the Fort. The program guides students in small groups to develop each phase involved in a small business from concept, to costing, production, sales and marketing. The project will culminate with the students selling their products as part of the Multicultural Festival in October with all proceeds going to charity.


The students have recently visited Boom Gallery in Newtown to see a number of people developing their own creative small businesses. This was great inspiration for their projects. While there, they also enjoyed wandering around the art spaces, delighting in the rich variety of creative pieces on display.



Donna Clarke



Julie Elkin

VCAL Teacher

Work Related Skills

Students in Work Related Skills chose from various electives earlier on this term. Many of those that earlier on attempted to see a toy stuffed animal had a go at knitting. All students were taught how to do cast on and do plain knitting. Some were very quick learners and progressed to learning the purl stitch. 

Comments (from the boys) included ‘this is actually enjoyable’ and ‘this is easier than I thought’. 

Well done to everyone who had a go!