Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub-School Manager


How quickly this term has flown! Term 4 promises to be very busy with senior students sitting exams, interviews and finishing school. We wish students a smooth transition into term 4 and a reminder to look after your health and wellbeing .

Year 12

VTAC: the website is now open and all supporting documentation, including SEAS applications, are due by 5:00 pm, 30 September. Students have been provided with information and details to complete these applications. It is important to note that the financial cost significantly increases if a student applies late.


Graduation: Looking forward to a great evening. All tickets should now be paid for and table allocations will be available next term.


We have several suits available for students to try on and keep for upcoming events. Please see Ms Bridges.


Last Day - 22 October: Students are invited to a morning tea with staff and then a final year 12 assembly. Students are to arrive at 10:00 am and leave at 11:30 am. Students are reminded to be respectful to school property, students and staff. Security staff will be on site and any disrespectful behaviour may result in not-attending graduation or exams at school.

Year 11

2020 Year 12 Camp: Money and forms are due. Camp is a compulsory part of the Year 12 program so please support us in this.


2020 Year 12 Jumpers: Jumpers are being ordered and will be available next term.


Students will receive exam timetables and Year 12 Orientation timetables next term.


Individual VCAA end of year timetables have been distributed. Students should be aware of exam timetables and organise work/activities to ensure they are focused on study and exams at this critical time.


Practice Exams: Unit 4 students have been shared the timetable for the exams for the September break. This has also been shared with parents on Compass.


Year 11 students completing a VCE Unit 4 subject have been allocated an approved study day the day before and the day of their exam.


Year 12 students have been provided with information regarding end of year exit interviews. They should be preparing their folios, interview questions and general presentation skills.