Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson &

Mr Bradley Headlam

Assistant Principals


Congratulations to all students and families on reaching the end of Term 3 despite the number of illnesses and cold weather. We wish you a relaxing family time over the September holidays. 

Final Weeks for Year 12 Students

Wishing you all a very safe and restful break and I look forward to re-joining you next term. Term 4 begins on Monday, 7 October.Year 12 students are in the process of finishing their courses this term and will spend the first three weeks of term 4 revising their course work. Their holidays will be taken up with revision classes and practice exams. The exams will be held under the VCAA end of year exam conditions with an external assessor conducting these exams. It is compulsory for all VCE students to attend these exams. 


The VCAL students will stay at school for a little longer as they finalise their coursework, ensuring that they satisfy all of their outcomes. They will then be interviewed by a panel of three members on their years’ work.


The Year 11 and 12 students will receive their booklists early in term 4. The reasoning for the early return is so students can receive their books in early November ready for the beginning of the Year 12 Orientation class during November. If students are going to start their senior schooling on the right foot then it is vitally important that they have all of the materials including their textbooks. Their 2020 schooling will begin the first day of Orientation week.

Year 7 to 10 students will receive their booklists later in the term ready for distribution early next year.

Deadlines for 2020 Course Confirmation

Although we are about to launch into a heavy period of assessment and exams we are preparing for the 2020 program for our students. Given that booklists are due early term 4, Orientation programs are getting started and a timetable is being constructed, it is important that pathways be considered carefully. If there are subject changes required, students are able to make such changes through Mr Humphries, Mr Headlam, Mr Dawson and Mrs Bridges. The deadline for the changes is Friday, 18 October.


We understand that through conversations with other informed family members from time to time pathways are discussed and there may be an inclination for a change of pathway. We do understand this, but are also aware that it can be quite limiting, hence why we prefer it to be managed before our deadline. Having said this, in this event we ask parents to arrange a meeting with one of the staff mentioned above to go through the pathway change and subject swaps. This can be any time up until the first day of school in 2020.

School Value in Focus:


“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Roy T. Bennett


This quote sums up the students and staff who participated in the school production “Haunt”. Whether it be slotting in some rehearsal time between study/sport or doing something completely different to what they do ordinarily. Stepping out onto the Geelong Performing Arts Stage was a long way from the participants comfort zone. These students began that change and demonstrated a fantastic achievement in performing their roles in front of hundreds of families, friends and staff. Most likely all students could identify that they felt an amazing sense of achievement and are well placed for that next challenge taking them beyond their comfort zone once again.

All our senior students are embarking on their final part of their schooling journey and it will clearly underline their achievement from their schooling effort in the last 13 years. It is important that students become comfortable with pushing themselves into new territory these holidays with those extra bits of study, another bunch of practice exams, sacrifice and catch up. It will be some of these small things that prepare them for being comfortable with reproducing their knowledge and understanding in the exams and hence unleash their greatest achievements.

Japan Cultural Trip

In Australia I feel blessed to be hitting September each year, I think the image below (arranged by my 5 year old) highlights spring to me:


Spring, football and maybe the magpies winning???

This year is a bit different and I am told I am in for a cultural shock as I head to Japan with some of our students. I have already learned a great deal in the lead up to this NGSC cultural trip. Recently I mastered the use of chopsticks in organising a bunch of smarties into their various colours. I am, however, very fortunate to be sharing this experience with a fantastic bunch of students and Japanese expert in Ms Castle. In particular, as I have not yet learned how to pronounce any word correctly...yet! 

We head to Tokyo on Thursday, 3 October, where we embark on a number of experiences which include students attending a Japanese school for a couple of days and culminates in Danjiri Festival.



Harper and Ellie doing some of their pre-Japan trip training.

Medical Plans at school - Asthma and Anaphylaxis/allergy

If you have indicated at any stage that your child has/had asthma, an allergy or anaphylaxis then the school must have a medical plan (approved by a medical practitioner) for these conditions. 

The school’s Policies regarding asthma and anaphylaxis/allergy reflect the department's policy and state that it is the responsibility of the parents to:

* obtain the ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis or the Asthma Action Plan from the student’s medical practitioner and provide a copy to the school as soon as practicable

* immediately inform the school in writing if there is a change in their child’s medical condition, insofar as it relates to:

  • allergy and the potential for anaphylactic reaction, and if relevant obtain an updated ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis, or
  • Asthma and a change in the student’s condition or treatment requirements, and if relevant obtain an updated Asthma Action Plan

* provide an up to date photo of the student for  either Plan when that Plan is provided to the school and each time it is reviewed

provide the school with:

  • an adrenaline autoinjector that is current (i.e. the device has not expired) for their child,
  • Or, the prescribed asthma medication

* participate in annual reviews of their child’s Plan.


Parents/carers must provide updated medical information prior to students attending extracurricular activities (i.e. Camps and excursions) to support the school in minimising risks to the students’ safety. 

Indigenous Camp Year 7 and 8 opportunity 

Please see the 'Be Deadly Flyer' and 'Participant form' attached in the community section of this newsletter. You can also contact Mrs Andrews for copies. 

This is a weekend camp, 18-20 October at the Lord Somers camp. 


Be Deadly @ Somers is an opportunity to support young indigenous people in the development of cultural identity, confidence and leadership. It provides a great chance for these students to be involved in positive two way community engagement, develop a peer support network along with new friendships and to enhance self-confidence and resilience.