Student Reports

Galilee’s Athletics Day

On the 18th of March 2018 the whole of Galilee participated in Athletics Day at Newport . The 3-6’s left at 8:45am on a bus.


When we got there we went into our groups and started our events. I was in 10 boys, our first event was Long Jump. We started our jumps straight away. We all wanted to get the first ribbons. Charles won the No.1 position followed by John C and I. Our second event was Hurdles. Taking No.1 spot was Charles followed by me followed by John. John took a rough fall after this event. The next event was Discus. It was a really tough competition. Taking No.1 spot was Patrick F followed by Charles K followed by me.


There was another 6 events after Discus which were really fun like High Jump, 100 & 200 metre sprints, Shotput, Triple Jump and more. Then there was the 800 metres. I ended up taking 3rd spot which was a great achievement from last year. Angus from Year 5 won the 800 metres in my age group.


After the events we collected our ribbons and were really happy with our results. I got 6 ribbons which i was really proud of. Everyone had a great day, but it wasn’t over yet. There was still the 4x 100  relays. The parents won. I want to say thank you to all the parents that helped at this amazingly fun event, it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Written by Daniel and Helped by Rory

Galilee's Athletics Day

On Thursday the 15th of March the grade 3-6 had Athletics Day at Newport. We got to the track and got into our house teams.


Next we got straight into our activities. Our first activity was shot put. We also got told our order for all the other events of the day. After shot put we had hurdles, so we had to go into heats which was the order we got told in shot put.


After that we did the 100m sprint, which we were also in the same heats. Then we went to discus and lined up in our order. We all had 2 goes. Then we went to the 200m sprint which was right next to discuss.


Once we finished the 200m sprint we were all really puffed out and tired. Then we moved on to high jump. We all did great and most of our jumps went over the bar. After high jump we did long jump which nearly most people in our age group jumped pretty far but some of us didn’t do as well.


Then it was time for the 800m sprint. Lots of us were super nervous and most of us decided to run. We all made it through and we were all so tired. Then it was time for triple jump and we all did super well.

Then we all packed up and got our ribbons. The day was amazing and we all did really great.

By Sophia & Claudia 4Ps