Architect Meetings

Students, staff and parents have met with our architect over the last two weeks to view concept drawings and to provide feedback. A number of parents attended the two sessions. A multi-purpose hall with roof-top play space and contemporary classrooms were features of the design. It is important to understand that this will be in the first stage of building and some other work displayed will require additional funding to potentially occur at a later date. A MasterPlan will now be developed for the Building Committee to view by the end of Term Three. Work is not anticipated to begin for at least one year. Well before this time, a detailed staging plan will be released. We currently have large classrooms in Year 6 with low class sizes which could allow for a greater division of space (ie 2 classrooms and office and be used to create 3 classrooms). Our current hall can also be used as classroom space if required. The staging will only be during construction and the school will benefit from the work for a generation and beyond. The proposed work for Galilee will be an incredible opportunity for our school community. As stated previously, we received the highest grant ever given to a Victorian Catholic Primary School. The work will modernise some learning areas and create additional outside and inside spaces on our site. 

Father's Day

Yesterday we held a highly successful Father's/Significant Males Liturgy facilitated by the Preps. With a large amount of parents in attendance the Preps made all of the Father's/Significant Males feel special.

Tomorrow we have our Father's Day/Significant Males Breakfast and we look forward to a large attendance from 7:30am. Students can also come dressed in their Football colours with a gold coin donation to raise money for kids with cancer.


The CEMSIS survey will be open next Monday 2 September and closes 20 September.

Please ensure you have read the newsletter regularly before responding to the survey to ensure that the results we receive are accurate feedback. Last year, our parent results were improved but very different to the students and staff (staff & students much higher). There have been significant initiatives aimed at the parents and hope this transfers through to higher results.

CEMSIS is a purpose-built, context-specific tool for Catholic school data collection. Individual participation is invited from students, staff and families by their schools. CEMSIS is just one source in a key range of data for informing the improvement work happening in schools across the Melbourne Archdiocese.

An envelope with information about the survey with a code and PIN will be sent home on Monday. Surveys are available for families in Arabic, Chinese, English, Tagalog or Vietnamese.

The surveys ask questions about how the school leadership supports staff, students and families, what outcomes we hope to see and how the school supports families in supporting students.


The following outlines a list of initiatives that we have implemented since the results of the last survey:


-whole school approach to spelling using SMART spelling program

-uninterrupted timetabled Reading and Maths blocks 

-classroom support teachers in P-6 for Reading and Maths (P-5 Reading and 3-6 Maths)

-introduced Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for P-2 

-employed 3 new LSOs, Occupational and Speech Therapists

-continued Year 3-6 camps and Year 2 sleepover at school, introduced Year 1 extended day


-introduction of Community Conversations twice a year

-English and Maths Parent/Child Workshop Nights

-Community Catch-up once a term

-Healthy Tracks (partnership with local council)

-Uniform Committee

-Building Community (changed focus)

-Increased amounts of Open Days

-Able to assist and Sts Peter & Paul's Book Shop


-introduced 2x 40min breaks to help reduce lunch time risk of injury

-introduction of 5 areas at play times to lessen congestion on the yard

-School Yard timetable introduced for various play areas


-break time clubs for students to join (Chess, Craft, Garden, choir, Maths Olympiad, SRC, Debating, Drama and Sport)

-continued instrumental program with 2 x soirees

-introduction of Seeds and Sprouts Program

-Successful in getting $5 million from the State Government for our Building Program


-staff trained in Peaceful Kids Program to help build emotional resilience 

-staff trained in Seasons for Growth Program to support students who have experienced change or loss

-introduced Buddy System where older grades buddy up with younger grades as a mentoring role

There has been a strong emphasis upon School Improvement.

School Photos

Next Monday 2 September, The School Photography company will be back to photograph the Year 6 Graduation photo and a special whole school 25 years of Galilee photo.  Please ensure your child/ren are in full Winter uniform.

STAR of the Sea

We spent three years campaigning to become a feeder school for Star of the Sea and with our success, our first group of girls will be attending in 2020. 

As a new feeder school to Star of the Sea, today I accepted a tour with the Principal and key leaders. In 2020, for the first time we will have a number of girls transitioning to Star as a feeder school. The students looked very happy and the school boasts outstanding academic results. Demand is high for entry and students are prioritised if they have been at Galilee since Prep and have completed all Sacraments (Catholic and Greek Orthodox). We have the highest amount of girls attending Star in 2020, that we have on recent record.

Galilee Anniversary

We have a new event on the calendar to celebrate Galilee's 25th Anniversary. On Thursday November 28th, parents/staff are invited to attend a function on the school premises from 7-9pm which will feature:

  • 30 minute presentation on the early history of Galilee with Rosemary Williamson (Principal of OLMC before Galilee's formation).
  • DOGs Band will be performing with nibbles and light refreshments.

Students will also hear the presentation from Rosemary and celebrate on Thursday November 28th and will be invited to dress up depicting the 1990s (or specifically 1994 when Galilee was formed).


As I communicated in the newsletter, I will be taking Long Service Leave from Tuesday September 3 - Monday October 14. I have great confidence in Mrs Gerecke and Mr Martello who will be Acting Principals in my absence. 

Premiers' Reading Challenge

A reminder that the Premiers' Reading Challenge ends on Friday 6 September.  

Dads Of Galilee Camp

The Dads and Kids Camp

Date:     Saturday 16th November - Sunday 17th November

Where: Camp Wyuna, Queenscliff  Victoria.

71 Flinders St, Queenscliff VIC 3225

 Tickets:  $145.00 per person. Tickets on sale NOW through, refer to link:


4th annual Dads and Kids Camp.

A fantastic weekend of activities and fun aimed at increasing family and school community bonds.

This is a great opportunity to hang out with your kids and other Dads.

We hope to see the old DOGS who have made previous years a success and many new faces to continue this great tradition.

We will do our best to accommodate all that want to come along, however the camp does have a cap on numbers and based on previous years people may miss out.  Strictly first to book policy.


Yesterday the School Uniform Committee met as they have done weekly over the last six months. They are continuing to review aspects of the updated uniform after the completed survey. Please see last week's newsletter for more information.


GOSH is celebrating Family and sport week!

We've made and keep on making plenty of art and craft for the upcoming Father's day and play a lot of sport, especially we are into the skipping now.  Ryger teaches children how to do it in many different and interesting ways!


Last week we had skipping tournament which Chelsea C. won and got as the present- soccer ball.

Also we had comic book's competition where Oliver, Lily, Max, Marco, Jamie, Giselle, Chelsea and Abigail won and their comics are now on the wall in GOSH!!!


Want to share with you, dear parents, great news: we've passed Assessment and Rating and are very proud of it! Thank you so much for supporting us!!!


Again friendly reminder that Holiday Program bookings are already open

Sandringham Hospital

This weekend Simon Millar will participating in a 24 hour bike ride (Aug 31, 12pm - Sept 1, 12pm) to raise funds for the Sandringham Hospital where all three of his children were born. If you would like to donate, click on the link below:

Conversation Caravan 

Conversation Caravan is coming to Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School!

When: Wednesday 18th September 2019 – 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Students, parents and guardians we want to meet you! Come and tell us all about how you get to school, what would make it easier for you to walk, ride or scoot to school, and how you would like to travel to school!


What is this all about?

The City of Port Phillip is working with your child’s school to develop an action plan to make it safer and easier to walk, scoot and ride a bike to school. The Healthy Tracks to School project is integral in encouraging young people and their families to:

-        Participate on active travel methods such as walking, riding and scooting;

-        Engage in community through shared travel experience;

-        Develop independence and responsibility through independent travel; and

-        Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

 Bring your parents and make a fresh fruit smoothie using our pedal bike!

For more information speak to Miss Carmen Carnovale.

Auskick-Vietnam Experience

Today I had the pleasure of a group of students telling me of a recent visit to Vietnam through Auskick. The provided footballs and watches to locals and helped develop their AFL skills. They were impressed by the standard and had a great time visiting Ho Chi Minh City.