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Year 12 Students: VTAC Registration

On Thursday Monash University presented the A-Z of Applying to the Year 12 students. This session provided them with the information about applying to tertiary study. I have also emailed all students a PDF copy of VTAC’s presentation for parents and students and placed it into the VTAC folder on the Careers team drive. If you would like a copy of this, then please let me know and I can email it to you. VTAC also has videos to help you and your daughter with this process and can be found here:


VTAC registration and tertiary applications will open on Monday August 5th and the process of  interviewing each student about the this and their post-secondary school pathway will happen with me from then until early September. Parents are most welcome to attend.


Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) Applications

Your daughter may have had something occur, particularly in the last two years that might have affected her academic performance. She may be eligible to apply for SEAS. Once a course application has been made then a SEAS application can be put in.  All girls should be applying for category 1 which includes information related to age, recognition as an Indigenous Australian, living or school location, attending an under-represented school, applying for courses which have historically been under-represented by a specific gender, coming from a non-English speaking background or being the first in family to attend a tertiary  institution. The other categories are:

2. Disadvantaged Financial Back ground

3. Disability or medical condition

4. Difficult circumstances.

All of these will need supporting documentation of some kind: impact statements, support statements and supporting documents. I will help students through this process during their interviews should they be applying. Please refer to the VTAC website for more information:


All SEAS applications and supporting documents should be preferably organised and completed by the end of Term 3 to ensure there are no problems. The final application shuts at 5pm on October 11th 2019. However, VTAC has advised documents may not be checked by them if they are submitted after the September 30th payment deadline.  


All VTAC dates for 2019-20 can be found here:


Some Advice for Choosing Courses:

Some things to think about as you make your course selections:

  • Read the course information provided carefully, look at the subjects offered and go to the institutions website directly to get more information. Subject selection if often greater at large institutions.
  • Always place your courses in the order that you want to do the course
  • Make sure you have a realistic range of courses with a range of ATAR scores.
  • Always be prepared for an alternative pathway into a course should you not get the required ATAR.
  • If you are applying for a fee paying course, then check out what the fees might be and if you are eligible for assistance such as VET fee help
  • Think about the location of the courses for which you are applying: can you get there easily, travel time, the size of the institution, number of offers made and class sizes – what suits you best?
  • Students are reminded to check all the selection requirements for the courses in which they apply.  These often have a variety of due dates and if you miss these you will not be eligible for the course.  These extra requirements could include:
  • CASPer – for Teaching courses
  • Auditions
  • Supplementary forms
  • Pre-selection kits
  • Folio presentations
  • Interviews
  • If you are applying for courses directly to the institution please follow their instructions and application process carefully.

Pathways into University Courses

Completed VCAL this year or think you might not get the ATAR or study score you need for your course or want to try a course before you commit to 3 years then check out the pathways offered by some  Universities and TAFEs. Some of these courses can be applied for through VTAC and for others it is directly with the institution.


Tertiary Open Days

Tertiary Open day season has started and I would encourage students in Years 10 and 11 to go to a few before their weekends are taken up too much with study and preparation for final assessments and exams. Please see the link provided for dates and getting the most out of open days. The Open Day list is attached here. For other Australian Universities then please use the following website:


Year 10 Work Experience

All applications for work experience during the week September 2nd to 6th should now be complete. Please check that your daughters have submitted all the required forms. If they have they will be provided with a pack to tack to their employer. If you have any questions then please contact me.


Year 9 and 10 Monash Champions Update

The Year 9 Participants: Arushee Padmanabhan, Gloria Le, Nandira Xavier, Lydia