Brigid's Well Yoga Session


On Wednesday, Ms Timlin our Homeroom teacher took St Rafka to visit Brigid's Well in our pastoral care lesson to do some calming yoga. We are very lucky as we were the first Year 7s to go there. When we arrived we saw comfy chairs and mandala colouring books set up on tables.  



As we walked in we quietened down as Bridgid’s Well was a relaxing area to be in. We spread ourselves out into the open space and began to sit down. When the noise began to fade the yoga video started to play and we started off with some easy stretches, exhaling in and out as we exercised.  There were a few hard stretches but we all managed to do them. It was a good exercise to start off the day. The yoga activity went for about 30 minutes which was really fun. We enjoyed it very much. Brigid’s Well is a peaceful, calming place where you can go when you are feeling a bit upset or if you want to relax.


Katherine Trinh - St Rafka, Year 7 Student Council Leader