Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Last night we farewelled our visitors from Hong Kong at a dinner with members of the Killester and Mazenod communities. I have been very proud of the way our whole school community welcomed our guests and made them feel such a part of the daily hustle and bustle of school life in Australia. The students from Hong Kong were very grateful to everyone who helped them throughout their time at Killester. 


Today the library was a hive of activity as each student in Years 10 and 11 sat with a member of staff to individually look at the programs they intend to undertake in 2020. This is a very time consuming enterprise for the school, however it is one that is incredibly important in ensuring that our students set themselves up for the greatest chance of success in their chosen pathway. It is very pleasing to see our young women embrace the fact they now have so much choice in their chosen subjects, and are able to fully develop their skills in areas that hold interest for them and where their passions lie. Subject selections are now closed and the important work of formulating a timetable for 2020 begins. I thank all staff who have been so heavily involved in the process thus far.


I had the privilege of visiting a VCAL class today where I observed our VCAL students engaged in planning their project work. The young women who undertake the challenge of a VCAL program are required to do so much more than the traditional student at school. Our VCAL students learn the importance of organisation, flexibility, workplace relations and teamwork. As the students and I discussed, it is these skills of great emotional intelligence that will hold them in good stead in the years to come as employers look more and more for staff who have these vital skills. Our VCAL students are a great credit to our College in the way they conduct themselves in the workplace, at school and in their study setting at TAFE. Moving between these three very different settings, requires them to be diligent and open to learning in a multitude of ways. I am very proud of both the students in our VCAL program and the program itself. 


Finally, a quick reflection on the week shows how wonderful the opportunities are for the young women of Killester as they participated in Volleyball, Netball, Chemistry quizzes, critical thinking exercises, volunteered for tutoring at St Joseph's, visited many of our Catholic partnership schools, attended Year 12 Learning conversations, and last but not least, to the 155 students who participated in the National Maths Competition - best of luck!


Ms Sally Buick, Principal