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Lesmurdie-Mazenod Junior Cricket Club

Cricket has continued during the school holidays with games during December and January. A

summary of results and outstanding performances are provided later in this report, with round 9

matches (two day matches) starting last weekend. 


Our two under 13 teams continue to perform brilliantly and currently sit two games clear of the rest of the competition in first and second position on the ladder. The under 14 sides are just outside of the top four, but a good run to the end of the season may see one or both make finals. The under 15 team has continued to improve and has been competitive in each of their games over summer,

notching their first win for the season. Finally, in a strong under 17 competition, the Gold and Blue

teams are currently in the top four and will be looking to consolidate in the lead in to finals.

Opening of Refurbished Clubrooms at Ray Owen Reserve


The club was recently involved in the opening of the newly refurbished clubrooms at Ray Owen

Reserve. Congratulations to everyone involved in the renovations through the City of Kalamunda,

Lesmurdie-Mazenod Junior Cricket Club, Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club, Kalamunda Cougars

Football Club and Mazenod Junior Football Club. The end result is brilliant and will help support

community sport into the future.


Attending the opening of the refurbished clubrooms at Ray Owen Reserve (left to right): Mr Beau Barratt (President, Kalamunda Cougars Football Club), Mr John Giardina (Mayor of the City of Kalamunda), Mr Buster Aamot (President, Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club), Mr Neil Warden (President, Lesmurdie-Mazenod Junior Cricket Club), and Mr Matthew Hughes (WA State Parliament Member for Kalamunda).

Batting Masterclass at Lesmurdie-Mazenod Junior Cricket Club


The LMJCC recently hosted a Batting Masterclass from the Perth District Cricket Club at Ray Owen

Reserve. The masterclass was delivered by Tom Scollay who plays first grade for Perth, and has first-

class cricket experience with Middlesex County Cricket Club in the United Kingdom. The session was attended by about 60 people, including players from ages 6 to 16, coaches, parents and a number of participants from other clubs through the south-east metropolitan area. Tom shared his experiences of playing cricket at various levels from childhood, to becoming a professional cricketer, then delivered a master class with a focus on batting technique and scoring. The LMJCC thank Tom, the Perth District Cricket Club, Alan Singer and other Perth District Cricket Club representatives for a fantastic session that was enjoyed by everyone.

Recent Results:

Under 13 Blue

Round 5: LMJCC U13 Blue 7/264 defeated Canning Vale Black 115.

Round 6: LMJCC U13 Blue 4/114 defeated by SJ's 8/130.

Round 7: LMJCC U13 Blue 6/153 defeated LMJCC U13 Gold 103.

Round 8: LMJCC U13 Blue 8/155 defeated Roleystone/Karragullen 43.

Under 13 Gold

Round 5: LMJCC U13 Gold 6/297 defeated Gosnells 9/203.

Round 6: LMJCC U13 Gold 3/180 defeated Roleystone/Karragullen 9/105.

Round 7: LMJCC U13 Gold 103 defeated by LMJCC U13 Blue 6/153.

Round 8: LMJCC U13 Gold 6/158 defeated Canning Vale Black 9/101

Under 14 Blue

Round 5: LMJCC U14 Blue 99 defeated by Roleystone/Karragullen 186.

Round 6: LMJCC U14 Blue 7/129 defeated Canning Vale White 30.

Round 7: LMJCC U14 Blue 6/139 defeated Gosnells Gold 129.

Round 8: LMJCC U14 Blue defeated by Riverton/Rossmoyne.

Under 14 Gold

Round 5: LMJCC U14 Gold 9/158 defeated by Gosnells 8/203.

Round 6: LMJCC U14 Gold 98 defeated by Canning Vale Teal 7/228.

Round 7: LMJCC U14 Gold 5/136 defeated Riverton/Rossmoyne 7/124.

Round 8: LMJCC U14 Gold 4/149 defeated Roleystone/Karragullen 9/144.

Under 15

Round 5: LMJCC U15 188 defeated Ascot 136.

Round 6: LMJCC U15 117 defeated by SJ’s 6/166

Round 7: LMJCC U15 7/127 defeated by South Perth Black 7/145.

Round 8: LMJCC U15 5/145 defeated by Kenwick 5/170.

Under 17 Blue

Round 5: LMJCC U17 Blue 211 defeated LMJCC U17 Gold 203.

Round 6: LMJCC U17 Blue 4/177 defeated South Perth Gold 9/163.

Round 7: LMJCC U17 Blue vs BYE.

Round 8: LMJCC U17 Blue 5/110 defeated by Gosnells 6/121.

Under 17 Gold

Round 5: LMJCC U17 Gold 203 defeated by LMJCC Blue 211.

Round 6: LMJCC U17 Gold vs BYE.

Round 7: LMJCC U17 Gold 9/144 defeated LMJCC U17 White 5/139.

Round 8: LMJCC U17 Gold 3/219 defeated South Perth Black 123.

Under 17 White

Round 5: LMJCC U17 White 141 defeated by South Perth Gold 6/312.

Round 6: LMJCC U17 White 123 defeated by Willeton 7/141.

Round 7: LMJCC U17 White 5/139 defeated by LMJCC U17 Gold 9/144.

Round 8: LMJCC U17 White vs BYE.

Summary of Outstanding Performances

(Rounds 5, 6, 7 and 8)

  • Jonathan Mance U15  60 not out off 55 balls with 8 fours (vs South Perth).
  • Will Collins U17 Blue 59 not out off 54 balls with 6 fours; 3 for 20 (vs LMJCC U17 Gold).
  • Jayden Wood U17 Gold 50 not out off 20 balls with 8 fours and 1 six (vs South Perth).
  • Zaid Buckland U13 Blue 49 not out off 40 balls (vs Canning Vale).
  • Kane Morris  U15  49 off 45 balls with 6 fours (vs SJ's)
  • Matthew Schultz U14 Blue 45 not out off 40 balls with 7 fours; 2 for 11 (vs Gosnells).
  • Alec Vanzetti U17 Gold 42 not out off 54 balls with 6 fours (vs LMJCC U17 Blue).
  • Jonathan Mance U15  37 not out off 38 balls with 5 fours and 1 six (vs Kenwick).
  • Jared March U15  37 off 49 balls with 5 fours (vs Ascot).
  • Matthew Dupont U13 Gold 4 for 1 off 3 overs (vs Canning Vale Black).
  • Ben Shanahan U13 Blue 4 for 2 off 3 overs (vs LMJCC U13 Gold).
  • Riley Fletcher U15  3 for 9 off 3 overs; (vs Ascot and vs Kenwick).
  • Seth White U13 Blue 3 for 2 off 4 overs; 1 catch; 1 run out (vs Canning Vale).
  • Lachlan Scanlan U13 Gold 3 for 9 off 5 overs (vs Gosnells).


Save the Dates:

The LMJCC End-of-Season Windup will be held at Ray Owen Reserve on Friday, 22 March from 5:30 pm. Details will be provided to all members very soon.


The Annual General Meeting of the LMJCC will be held at the Ray Owen Reserve Clubrooms on Monday, 29 April from 7:00 pm. If you are interested in joining the committee and/or volunteering for one of the committee positions, please contact Murray Adams


Expressions of Interest for Social Co-ordinator

The club is looking for expressions of interest for a social coordinator to help the committee for the

remainder of the season. For more information please contact Murray Adams (


Murray Adams


Lesmurdie-Mazenod Junior Cricket Club