This morning all Year 7, 8 and 10 students should have received an immunisation consent form and package. The dates for the immunisation program are:

Year 7 and Year 8 immunisation:

  • Round 1 visit: 10 April
  • Round 2 visit:  21 October

Year 10 Immunisations:

  • 24 June

2019 Vaccine School Based Immunisation Schedule

Year 7 and 8:

  • Round One (DTPa and HPV) (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis vaccine) and (Human Papilloma Virus vaccine)
  • Round Two (2nd HPV)

Year 10:

  • Meningococcal ACWY vaccine, One visit

Please ensure the consent forms are returned by Friday 15 February – all forms must be returned whether your son is being vaccinated or not.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me


Jeff Ronan

Deputy Principal – Lower School

Dropping off and collecting students from school



The Drop Off area in the Administration car park becomes very congested with some cars having to queue on the road waiting for access.  In order to alleviate this problem, parents are asked to drive as far forward as possible in the Drop Off area, even if it means an extra 10m walk for their son (it will do them good!).


Please make the drop off as quickly and safely as possible.


Parents are also asked not to park in the 'Drop Off' area if they need to visit the College Office.

Please use either Pindari or Kershaw Road when picking up in the afternoon – using the marked parking bays where possible.



The oval will be available for drop-off and pick-ups until FRIDAY 8 FEBRUARY.  Hopefully this week has allowed time to arrange buses and alternative drop/pick-up locations. Please EXIT the oval at the Gymnasium end of the oval. Thank you.

Your assistance with both of these concerns will help make for a safer environment for our boys.


Parents please note that supervision at the College is between 8:10am and 3:50pm.

We would prefer students were NOT on the grounds outside of these hours as there is no supervision.


For safety reasons, students arriving before 8:10am and still on the grounds after 3:50pm, are not to play any unorganised sporting activities and are to stay in the quadrangle area.


If any student needs to take medication during school hours he is required to have the medication stored in the College office.  The medication should be given to the College receptionist and should be accompanied by a letter containing the following information:

  • Student’s name and Form room.
  • The purpose of the medication.
  • The name and dosage of the medication and time to be taken.
  • Parents’ daytime contact phone numbers.
  • Action Plan if require Epipen (within expiration date), Ventolin, etc.

All medication will be self-administered.

BUSWEST Service 2019

All students/families need to purchase tickets/passes prior to using the service for 2019.

Tickets/passes can no longer be purchased from the bus drivers. Buswest has the right to refuse entry without a valid ticket/pass.  All payments and collection of tickets can be made from the College or by credit card over the phone with tickets collected by students at Student Services.


Do not hesitate to call the College on 9291 1500 if you have any questions or queries regarding the Buswest service for 2019.

ID Photos- Thursday 14 February 2019

On Thursday all students will have their photos taken by Kapture Photography for use on their Library card and for the College database.  Formal school photos will be taken by Kapture in Term Two.


Jeff Ronan

Deputy Principal – Lower School

Mazza Mums


Mazza Mum,

Opening School Mass Morning Tea

On Wednesday 13 February the Mazza Mums will be providing Morning Tea following the Opening School Mass.


If you are able to assist with setting up or clean up before or after Mass, it would be greatly appreciated.

If any family can provide a small plate of delicious cakes, slices or something savoury for the morning tea it would be most welcome.


Please contact Ann: or 0438 765 010 if you are able to help and/or provide a plate of food.


Thank you in advance for your help and generosity!