Term Two School Fees

Term 2 fee instalments are payable no later than 31 May 2019. 

Families who have chosen the Term payment option will receive a fee statement.  Contact the Finance department to request a copy if your statement is not received.


A reminder of Term payment dates:

  1. Year 7 to Year 11: 31 May, 31  August and 31 October.   
  2. Year 12: 31 May and 30 September. Year 12 accounts to be settled no later than 30 September 2019.
  3.  Financial Hardship: Contact the Finance Department to request a confidential fee review application.

The schedule of 2019 Fees and Charges and direct debit forms may be viewed and downloaded at :

Mazenod College Schedule of 2019 Fees and Charges


Please contact Monica Slater for all enquiries regarding school fees.


or  call  9291 1414. 


Monica Slater

Accounts Receivable