Sports Report

Athletic & Swimming Carnivals 

We had our Athletic and Swimming carnivals during term 1 on almost perfect days. Over both days we had great participation from students and several records were broken which are listed below, some of the records have stood for 40 years, great effort from those students. Congratulations to the students below who are listed as age champions (Certificates will be presented at an assembly in the near future). Furthermore, those students who won were able to represent the school at District and Gippsland levels (see some results below). Please note that the District and Gippsland stage of athletics will be in term 3.

Swimming Champions 

12-13  Isabella Taylor Zane Poxon 
14 Shavonne Beecher Darcy Connell 
15 Abby Dennison Jackson Shields 
16 Markaylee Van Der Meiracker Liam Cumiskey 
17 Abigail Davey-Tahlia Russell Jack Van Den Dolder 
18-20 Lani Taylor Aaron Sultana 

 Swim Records Broken

Zane Poxon 13 B 50m Freestyle 33.27  

Darcy Connell 14 B 50m Freestyle 30.11  

Darcy Connell 13-14 B 50m Butterfly 34.63  

Gippsland Swimming

On March 11th, four students from Lowanna College represented the school at the Gippsland Swimming finals in Sale. They all gave a great effort competing against the best swimmers in Gippsland with three of our swimmers coming away with medals. Zane Poxon received 2nd place in the 12-13 boys 50m backstroke. Darcy Connell received 2nd pace in under 14’s boys in 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke. Ryan Hunt also came away with 2nd in backstroke for under 15’s boys. We hope they are as proud of themselves as we are.    





Athletic Champions 

12-13  Kiarna Read Bailey Beecher 
14 Madison Micallef Riley Morehu 
15 Maddie Ashton Aaron Abuan 
16 Lara Mellon Bailey Wilson 
17 Jaymee-Lee Barnes Trent Zealley 
18-20 Izabella Rosato Mitch Hauxwell-Tepaa 

Athletic Records Broken

Mitch Hauxwell-Tepaa 18-20 B Triple Jump 11.96m 

Raemarie Collins 14 G 80m Hurdles 16.60 

Jaymee-Lee Barnes 17 G 80m Hurdles 17.71 

Ethan Wildblood 13 B 1500m 5.33 

Max Edebohls 14 B 80m Hurdles 15.03 

Baylen Holmes 15 B 80m Hurdles 12.38 

Liam Cumiskey 16 B 80m Hurdles 12.96 

Cain Layland 17 B 80m Hurdles 14.90 

Riley Morehu 14 B 1500m 5.02 

Mia Calleja 12-13 G 800m 2.41 

Aaron Abuan 15 B 400m 58.05 


 Umpiring Courses  

On Monday the 10th of May the Sports Academy students participated in an umpiring course for their chosen sports. The football was instructed by Paul Vaughn, which started off by watching some videos and looking at diagrams, learning the hand signals for goal umpires, the sounds of whistles and hand positions for an umpire, and how the boundary umpiring works. Afterward, they started by umpiring in the gym and will continue to do so in sports academy sessions.  


Netball was instructed by Karen Porter, describing when to make calls and what the calls are to be made, such as an obstruction and contact. Explaining how each whistle noise is different depending on what calls are to be made and the length of each whistle noise. Hand signals were shown, and demonstrations were made. Unfortunately, they did not get to go outside due to rain and no space in the gym, but with the room they had, the students put their knowledge to practice.  


The soccer students completed a reffing soccer level 4 online and will have a practical component completed before the end of year. Even though online they still were taught all knowledge needed to ref a game of soccer. 

Thursday the 13th of May Alan Garroway came in to take the basketball students through the basic learning of how to umpire a basketball game. Through demonstrations to them taking away what they have learned and doing it for themselves. 


Each student enjoyed their days of learning the rules of umpiring their chosen sport and have seen what fair calls are and what are not. Students will walk away with experience and knowledge and can now become an umpire for local games.  


Girls Volleyball

On Friday the 7th of May, we had the Year 7 and 8 Girls compete in the Gippsland Volleyball Level. They gave their best efforts against the four teams they played and were undefeated. Wonthaggi Secondary College was the last to verse, both teams were undefeated and gave a challenging game ahead. Unfortunately, the Year 8 Girls lost a set which cost them the overall win, whereas the Year 7 Girls won all sets and are now through to the State Finals which will be held sometime this year. They should all be proud of their commitments and teamwork just like we are.  

Interschool AFL

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the interschool AFL Boys and Girls out to represent our school by competing against other local schools. Teams concluding from Juniors, middle school, and senior schools’, each to verse against their own year levels. All the girl’s teams upheld a great undefeated streak and are all heading off to Gippsland on the 27th of May, where they will compete at a higher level. Each of the boy’s teams fought their hardest and unfortunately came out with a loss, but their effort and courage towards each other was all we could ask for. Its good to see them out and playing the sports they love and giving it their best, all their efforts will not go out of sight and were proud of each student.