Wellbeing & Engagement 

Rangeview families – hopefully by the time you are reading this we have received the news that we are returning to school on Thursday. We are so aware that this snap lockdown was a surprise to many and not the news we all wanted to hear. Our teachers worked incredibly hard on Friday afternoon after the press conference to prepare learning materials and then notify the students of the 5 day plan. From the moment the staff heard the news, their focus was on their students learning and their wellbeing. Careful consideration was made around when to tell the students and what to say. We are so aware that this may be difficult for many of the students who have been through such long periods of lockdown in 2020.


If you or your child needs support or assistance at this time please remember Parentline 13 22 89 and Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800. There are a number of useful links on our school website in the Home Learning page https://rangeview.vic.edu.au/home-learning-links/


If we are continuing for more time in lockdown beyond Wednesday, we will be in touch with families to outline the Remote Learning model to be used. Remember to also look at the Upschool page on our Website.               https://upschool.rangeview.vic.edu.au/


Finally – please reach our to us here at school if you or your child needs anything. We are a strong community and our strength comes from the support we give each other.


RRRR Leaders Report


Hello we are Maeve and Xavier your 2021 Rights Resilience Respectful Relationships Leaders.


We surveyed 77 grade 1 and 2 students last week and 64 of these students stated that they were enjoying being back at school. Another 9 students told us that they didn’t really mind whether they were back at school or not. 4 students claimed that they weren’t happy to be back at school, of course we checked in with these students to make sure that they were feeling ok. We think that our survey was successful last week and helped us to know more about how the Rangeview students are feeling.




Raising Resilient Kids


Anglicare is offering a new parent’s group to support the raising of resilient kids. This 6 week online course starts on 23rd February and is free for parents in our region. Please see the flyer for more information below.