Level 5/6

Level 5/6 have been having a fantastic time at school and are settling in very well. We have all been getting fit and preparing ourselves for the cross country. We are seeing some great running with our students. Well done to everyone having a go and feeling fit and active.


The Grade 6’s are thoroughly enjoying the MAT (Martial Arts Therapy) program and are learning a lot about themselves. It is fantastic to see all the students getting involved. The Grade 5’s are also enjoying their time with Growth Mindset activities. They have been working well in teams and using problem solving skills with a variety of tasks and activities. This included creating Lego models without instructions. 


Level 5/6’s have been lucky enough to meet their Buddies over the last week. Everyone is enjoying this special time together and are getting to know each other while working collaboratively.  


Level 5/6 team.