Level 3/4

Year 3 and 4 students have started off the year with amazing attitudes and smiling faces every day. All classes have begun in new classrooms and often with new classmates to work with. Every student has showed up every day with the right attitude and a growth mindset when beginning a new year. Reminder to all students that it is Term 1 and Summer, so please make sure you bring your hat to school so you do not miss out on outside play.


Year 3 have begun their first few weeks at school setting up their Reader’s and Writers Workshop while working on building good reading habits. 


They have been continuing a lot of fun start up activities to get to know everyone in the class and the routines. They also got to begin Flora and Fauna.




Year 4 have begun exciting new lessons in Digitech where they have begun looking at all the new technology that is available to them. The students this week have had an opportunity to play with robots and use coding to move the robot in fun and different ways. Looking forward to see all the creative tasks the year 4 students get up to this year!


Year 3 and 4 have started their Inquiry topic of Celebrations around the world. This week they have been busy making decorations such as lanterns and Red envelopes for the Chinese New Year on Friday the 12th of February. We are looking forward to learning about more celebrations that occur and how they celebrate and what other decorations we can design in the classroom. The students have also enjoyed their first fortnightly level 3 and 4 Friday sport activities including continuous cricket and Netball. 


Thanks to all families and students for the great start to the year! 


Level 3 and 4 Team