Level 2

We are into our second full week of Grade 2! The children have been using a variety of materials to explore counting and numbers in different ways.


We have been personalising our Writer’s Notebooks with images that are important to us. Our Notebooks all look different. We use our Writer’s Notebooks to collect ideas for the stories we write in Writing Workshop.


In Reading Workshop, we have been learning routines for great focussed reading. We have been practising independent reading with ‘just right books’ from our class libraries. 


In Level 2 we work independently, with partners and in small groups. It is great to collaborate with our peers and build on ideas.


Celebrating Chinese New Year

Level 2 celebrated Chinese New Year – The Year of the OX by reading Chinese stories, listening to class members talk about their Chinese heritage, customs and celebrations. Classrooms were decorated with dragons and lanterns as part of this Spring Festival.


Level 2 Teachers