Level 1

It’s been a great couple of weeks in Level 1.


Thank you for attending the parent–teacher meet and greet evening, it was wonderful to meet you properly and have the opportunity to learn more about your child.


It’s been a busy time in Level 1. We have been discussing ‘Just Right’ books, and using this knowledge during reading, as well as in our library sessions. Students have been practising handwriting and continuing with a variety of writing activities. 


In maths we have been revising number facts and strategies, and using maths games to practise these concepts. 


We discussed celebrations and worked on Chinese New Year crafts to acknowledge the Year of the Ox.


Students have started receiving their Wellbeing Journals and working on the wellbeing activities. This is in tandem with our RRRR sessions, which have been focusing on emotions.


Thank you for your support over the past week with spelling words going home. Spelling words will usually be sent home on Monday, with the spelling test on Friday.


Readers went home on Friday (see Reading News, below). Extra books were sent home due to the impending lockdown. 


And just a friendly reminder that no form of confectionary is allowed to be brought to school. If it is your child's birthday, confectionary items cannot be handed out. If you wish to hand out something, non-confectionary items, such as bubbles or a coloured pen, are a good substitute. 


We look forward to seeing you back at school soon.


The Level 1 team


Reading News!!!

On Friday your child brought home their take home books inside their Reader Cover, along with their ‘My Home Reading Book’. The Reader Cover will need to be returned each Friday. Your child’s Reading Level for take home books will be written inside the cover of the ‘My Home Reading Book.’ This Reading Level will be an easier book level for your child to read, to help develop fluency and understanding. 


Children may have more than one take home book for the week. Could you please record the title, date and comment sections each time your child reads.  We hope that your child will be able to read each day, whenever possible. 


Happy Reading!


From the Level 1 team