My Work Station

James Prantzos Grade 3JP

Co-workers: Max, Ollie and Mel 

Where I work: Lounge Room

Work snacks: Fruit, Yoghurt, Pretzels, etc.

Music to motivate me: Great idea! I'll put on some Boyce Avenue Covers right now...

What I like about working from home: Lots of time with Mel and the boys. Wearing trackies and bare feet to work every day. 🙂

What I miss: Seeing the kids and all my teacher friends at MPS!


Kate Jenkinson Visual Art

Co-workers: My daughter Alice, my son Max, my Labradoodle Coco and sometimes my husband Ben.

Where I work: A table at the top of the stairs (not under the stairs like Harry Potter!)

Work snacks: Coffee and anything my children make when they feel like baking. Last week my son made the most amazing Jamie Oliver brownies! Today he is doing a yeast experiment so there might be some bread.

Music to motivate me: I have been told I have an eclectic taste in music. I’m quite partial to an 80’s rock ballad, but also love 90’s R&B. I love a good show tune but also love Metallica’s classics!

What I like about working from home: Spending more time with my children and being more involved in their learning.

What I miss: Washing paint brushes. Haha, only joking! I actually miss providing students with the opportunity to use art resources and materials they probably don’t have at home, like clay!


Sarah Duell Grade 1SD

Co-worker: My Family

Where I work: The kitchen table.

Work snacks: Coffee, nuts, fruit and a few Easter eggs.

Music to motivate me:  We play music after we finish our work.

What I like about working from home: Spending time with my family and not having to rush out the door.

What I miss: Seeing everybody – children and colleagues.