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How to Torture a Potato

Option 3, Day 1


My potato, aka Lovely Eyes, shall run around Albert Park Lake 10 times each day. They need to be very good at running.

Lovely Eyes needs to swim across Port Philip Bay 5 times each day. They need to be the absolute best swimmer.

Lovely Eyes needs to participate in 20 basketball games, and needs to win in at least 15. They need to be an absolute beast at basketball.

Lovely Eyes shall also play tennis. A lot. They will practice against Ash Barty and play 8 hours a night.(We’re kinda running out of time in the day.) Without Ash, because that’s some tough training.

Lovely Eyes will practice Netball with the Melbourne Vixens because they’re really good. The Vixens can leave whenever they want, because I’m not ordering them around.

Lovely Eyes will practice their horse riding for the rest of the remaining time of the night. If they ever have any spare time, they can pick something to do extra of.

(Side note- Lovely Eyes will do this one day, then the next they’ll do the day you’re about to read, then this day, etc.)

Day 2

First thing in the morning, Lovely Eyes will eat a protein shake, as per usual. 

Then they’ll go to the gym and lift some weights, 500 kilos each. Gotta make sure those muscles are big.

 Next thing they’ll do is part 2 of running training, where they go to the treadmills and set it to 1000 km an hour. Rip Lovely Eyes.

 After that, Lovely Eyes goes to Malvern Taekwondo Centre and trains with the professionals. Aka me. AND I’M NOT HOLDING BACK.

Poor Lovely Eyes is beaten and tired, so I let them have some carrots, their worst enemy. That gets the adrenaline pumping through their veins.

Next for level 2 of swimming skills, I’ll put Lovely Eyes in a 1000 km pool and make them do butterfly stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle to the end and back. Harsh.

 It’ll be evening by then, so that means absolutely nothing. I’ll plop Lovely eyes right onto a bike and see for myself that they can ride 10x faster than the other day.          

Day 3

By now Lovely Eyes hasn’t slept in 2 days, so on the third day I let them sleep and do whatever they want. Maybe I’m not that bad after all.

Then he repeats these three days again and again for four years until the Olympics. What happens after the Olympics? SAME THING.

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