Kids Corner

Some of the wonderful work

being done at home

Elysia M 1CS



Marko S 1CS


 Aaron  1SD with his Matisse collage.




Matisse collage.

Jacob K 1JB


Creation of Adam

Pia S 1JB



Emma L 1TH


Balloon Dog

Rupert H 2AQ


Weeping Woman

Angus 2AQ


The water lily pond Monet

Gus P 2CD


Ned Kelly

Grace G 2CU


Woman in Gold

 Grades 1 & 2   ‘Create a Painting Challenge’

Pepa 1CS


Lucas 1CS


Bodhi 1CS


Olivia T 2AQ


A long time ago in a forest there was a dragon he was very shy and scared.

One day he went for a long, long walk as he was passing, he saw a very strange tree, he went over, it was a PORTAL! He could not believe his eyes. He was scared to go in. Suddenly out of nowhere a fairy appeared. The dragon was about to faint. The fairy gave him the courage to go in. He went in bravely. When he got in, he found out that this was a time portal that takes you back to 1917 where war was put in place. He had to stop the war. He blasted a raging ball of fire right in the middle of the dusty ground. Everyone stopped. “I am not here to fight, I am here to stop the war.” “Why?” said the rude captain interrupting rudely to the nice dragon. “I have had enough of you CHUMP.” As he blasted another fire ball at him. “As I was saying I was here to stop the war.” Everyone was shaking like snakes instead of listening. So to make sure everyone understood, he burned all the weapons. “I restore no war!” he commanded and they a very good ending.

The End


All work reproduced with permission of parents.

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