Mid Year Awards

The start of term 3 began with the mid-year awards ceremonies. Celebrations were held in the school’s auditorium over four days, as 125 students from years 7-11 were recognised for their outstanding efforts in the classroom over the course of Semester 1.


Each year level ceremony recognised the “academic endeavour” of 10 students who had received the most number of “Excellent” scores for their work habits in Semester 1. 


In addition, 20 students were rewarded for the highest average assessment scores across their subjects by receiving “academic achievement” awards. 


Finally, mid-year specialist awards were presented to students who showed specific attributes whose positivity affects the culture of our school and students around them. These students received “PROSPER” awards for their “Positivity”, “Relationships”, “Strengths”or “Resilience” both inside and outside the classroom.


Staff and families joined together to celebrate the work and efforts of these students in an onsite ceremony and lunch that brought a fantastic feeling to the school last week.


 We are looking forward to our end of year awards ceremonies and year 12 graduation already.