From the Principal

Dr. Andrew Cousins

Happy Birthday Clayfield!  


Yesterday the College celebrated its 91st Birthday.  Although the current restrictions, unfortunately, meant we were unable to gather as a community, we nonetheless marked this significant day by streaming presentations at the start of the day, conducting a socially distanced, cohort-specific informal leadership investiture ceremony and of course, enjoying cake.  We look forward to being able to come together later in the year to celebrate and acknowledge our student leaders for 2022.  


I extend a special thanks to Dr. Tania Jardine (President of the Clayfield College Old Collegians Association) and Mrs. Deidre Brandon (Guardian of the Clayfield College Old Collegians Association) for sharing with students a little about our heritage and taking carriage of the annual traditions and customs of Foundation Day.  Foundation Day provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful initiatives which come together to create the Clayfield College we know and love today.  I encourage each of you to take a moment to consider with gratitude our heritage and those who have been instrumental in the Clayfield journey as we shine our light brightly towards the future.   


‘Clayfield College’ was originally a school for boys only. 

It was opened by Mr. Arthur Rudd in 1902, firstly within a house in Bonney Ave and subsequently, at our site of today. In 1918, the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association bought the school and in 1920 renamed it ‘Brisbane Boys’ College’ with Mr. Rudd continuing as Headmaster. 


In 1931, BBC relocated to its current campus in Toowong and on the 9 February that same year, Clayfield College re-emerged as a primary school for boys and girls with nine students, including five girls and four boys who were taught by five staff, with Miss. Nancy Ashburn as Mistress in Charge. The College Roll of February 1931 tells us that the annual tuition fees were 11 pounds, 1 shilling and 6 pence.   


Each year the Clayfield College Senior cohort introduces a theme to our Community.


Our College Captains, Mia and Alice, are proud to introduce this year's theme of Connection.


"This theme of connection is an opportunity to celebrate pride in our existing strengths and build upon them. The Year 12 Seniors have worked together as a cohort to create the title 'Leaders of Connection' to encapsulate this theme. This, we felt, was a way to retain our LoC acronym but make it more fitting to our very exciting future as a co-educational school."


For more information about this years theme, please enjoy the below video and read the full article from our Captains in the 'Deputy Principal' article.