From the Deputy Principal

Jenny Coe

From the Deputy Principal - Jenny Coe

School Based Apprenticeships 

In the past we have had an apprenticeship broker work out of Peterborough High School and their job was to source possible school based apprenticeships for not only our school but other schools in this region. This position no longer exists and the responsibility now rests with the student and the school to organise and facilitate this process. A number of students have approached me about doing school based apprenticeships and I am following the same process as the Apprenticeship Broker used to follow when we had this person working for us. This process is to sit down with the student and discuss what sort of apprenticeship they are looking for, then brainstorm possible Employers in this Industry (this list will depend on how mobile the student is able to be therefore how far they could travel to access an apprenticeship). I then ask the student to approach possible employers to see if they might be interested in at least finding out what taking on a school based apprentice involves. If they are I can then arrange a meeting to give them the information they are after. If an employer is still interested the process them moves onto an apprenticeship center being involved in further discussions with the student, parents and the school and then a contact being signed before the school based apprenticeship can be started. School based apprenticeships also involve further training which will most probably mean having to go to a major center possibly Adelaide to do this training. School Based Apprentices are paid for their hours of work by their employer and signing a contract as a school based apprentice is virtually signing up for an apprenticeship that you start part time whilst you are still at school and finish when you leave school. Student have to be 16 to be a school based apprentice.

Any further inquiries about School Based Apprenticeships can be directed to me at PHS 86512306


Early Dismissal Letters 

We are still chasing quite a number of students who need to return the letter they took home to get signed by a parent giving the school permission to dismiss their student before 3.10. Students have been given many reminders about who still needs to return their signed permission and the fact that another copy of the letter could be collected from the Student Services Hub in the Library. Please follow up with your student if you have not yet sighted the letter and signed it. If the signed permission has not been received by Fri next week your student will not be dismissed from school until 3.10.



We celebrate our student’s achievements!

Congratulations to Max M and Alex O for successfully completing the Certificate 2 in Auto Servicing Technology Vet course. Both students have worked on completing this course over the last 18 months, working in the Trade School with TAFE Lecturer Jon Bellifemini each Thursday. The successful completion of the course not only gives these students a TAFE Qualification but also earns them in excess of 40 Stage 2 SACE Credits. 

Congratulations also go to Haylie P, Bryce T, Kyla B and Jacob A who have successfully completed their Certificate 2 in Engineering Pathways and have continued to work on some additional units from a Certificate 3 qualification. This Vet course has also been undertaken over 18 months with TAFE Lecturer Roger Noble and will earn these student Stage 1 SACE Credits along with their TAFE Qualification. 

A big advantage for these Stage 1 students as they complete their Stage 1 subjects and head into Stage 2 in 2021. 


Jenny Coe