From the Principal

Sonja Mercer

From the Principal - Sonja Mercer


Welcome to our School Newsletter for Week 9, Term 3.


We're nearly at the end of term three, and what a term it has been!


PHS learners have been involved in some very exciting events over the last two weeks, including Open Boys and Open Girls Basketball in Whyalla.


Some Year 12 students completed their Flinders UniTest this week. This test usually contributes to 40% of a prospective university student's entry into Flinders, but this year they will allow it to be used for 100% in some courses, so long as the student also gains an ATAR. What a benefit for learners who might have found this year extra challenging.


Have you seen the photos of our Spring Soiree? Student leaders and Miss McCann did an exceptional job of opening our new lawned area with finesse! The food, prepared by the Learning Centre students, Year Nines, Mrs Coe and Mrs Francis was exquisite - who doesn't love a quiche, bolognaise and melting moments?! The students are still enjoying the shade provided by the SRC purchased umbrellas and reclining on the outdoor bean bags and picnic rugs. I'm sure they will continue to make good use of the outdoor games as well. 


PHS teaching staff joined with other teachers in our region on Monday to collaboratively moderate student folios and engage in some great professional learning on literacy, differentiation and assistive technologies. As a site which may only have one of each type of faculty, e.g. one year 8 English teacher, one Year 10 PE teacher, it is so beneficial for us to be able to work with like colleagues and engage in these practices to keep our skills up-to-date.


Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the meeting of our local Chapter of Rotary. President, Colin, and President Elect, Helen, and all members were very welcoming. I shared all of the exciting things that PHS has been up to lately, and some others in the pipeline, such as our Open Night on the 29th of October. The Rotarians asked some valuable questions and it was heartening to see them taking such an interest in our school and the ways we can connect with them and with the Peterborough community.


You will find a link to the PHS Newsletter survey in this fortnight's newsletter. If you would like to share your opinion on the digital vs print, please click the link and participate. Alternatively, you can also print and hand a paper copy in at the front office.


I wish everyone a safe, restful and happy school holidays. The hard work in learning I have witnessed all of our students engaging in has earned them a couple of sleep ins! 


Year 12's - you're almost there. One or two more assignments to go and your adult journey will well and truly begin.