Two Tello Drones have been purchased for use in the Year 9 Coding course. The class will be learning to code in Python this term and the Tello Drones can be programmed to fly using Python commands. Coding, Drones and Robotics is such a valuable skill for the future and this should give the Year 9 Coders an introduction to this exciting area. More information on the drones can be found at the Ryze website.


During lockdown, the Year 7 students were learning how to research effectively using search operators and other tools available in Google. Did you know that if you add site:au to your search, it will only find Australian websites? Click here to find the Internet country domain list. The students learned a number of other tricks in Google which hopefully they will continue to use in all their other subjects. This topic culminated in the students producing a website on a country of their choice. They researched aspects such as Culture, History, Interesting Facts and Geography and then used Google Sites to present their findings. As well as text, the students had to gather a range of media types to include in their website and they needed to include a Bibliography page that correctly cited all the sources they had used. This is an invaluable skill for students to learn, not only for school work, but also when they go on to further education.


Below are the home pages of some of the wonderful websites the students created.


Effy Huang

Year 7 Student




Jasmine Lee

Year 7 Student



Shaie Bloom

Year 7 Student