When this Bell Rings by Allison Rushby (Fantasy)

What if you could get inside the world of your favourite books? No, really inside them . . .



Indigo Owl by Charlie Archibold (Dystopian)

It's a privilege to live here, but we have to work for it. As Earth was bleached and destroyed by climate change, only private companies were able to afford to colonise space. Our planet, Galbraith, is named after what was once the biggest pharmaceutical company on Earth. 


When Scarlet Bergen leaves the comforting familiarity of her home, Facility 614, to start her training at the imposing Arcadia Institute, she has all the normal worries: whether she will make friends, what life will look like, and whether she will pass the rigorous training to become a valued member of Galbraith society.



The Fire Star by A.L Tait (Fantasy)

A maid with a plan. A squire with a secret. A missing jewel. A kingdom in turmoil.


Maven and Reeve have three days to solve the mystery of the Fire Star. If they don’t, they’ll lose everything.


This could be a complete disaster . . . or the beginning of a friendship.



The History of Mischief by Rebecca Higgie (Mystery/Suspense)

Following the death of their parents, Jessie and her older sister Kay move to their grandmother’s abandoned house. One night they discover The History of Mischief hidden beneath the floor: it is like no book they have ever seen.


From Ancient Greece to war-torn China, from the Ethiopian Empire to Victorian England, the pages reveal a world of mischief and mystery, adventure and adversity – stolen bones and fiery dragons, feisty philosophers and tempestuous tyrants, shape-shifting trees and scorched scrolls.


But not everything is as it seems, in the book or in her life, and Jessie is determined to find the truth. The History has a history of its own. Unravelling its secrets might be the biggest mischief of all.



Where we begin by Christie Nieman

Seventeen-year-old Anna is running into the night. Fleeing her boyfriend, her mother, and everything she has known. She is travelling into the country, to the land and the grandparents she has never met, looking for answers to questions that have never been asked.


For every family has secrets. But some secrets - once laid bare - can never be forgiven. A dark, deeply compelling, coming-of-age YA novel from the author of As Stars Fall.


Janene Watson

Resource Centre Manager