The Science Championship is a global competition organised by Education Perfect, which ran for seven days during National Science Week in August. The event helps students engage with Science and we had numerous McKinnon students participate. 


During the week, students answer a variety of scientific questions to earn them points on a global scoreboard. As they earn points, students will qualify for a personalised certificate to showcase their participation in the Championships and they will also go into the draw to win some amazing prizes, including going into the running to be the 2020 EP Student Intern. Over the course of seven days over 161,000 students from 39 countries around the world participated, answering over 22 million questions!


A huge congratulations to Luka Magee (Year 9). He answered close to 50,000 questions and earnt 40,000 points, which placed him 4th in the World! This amazing achievement awarded him an Elite Award.


Again, congratulations Luka and thanks to all students who participated in the event. 


Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in 2021.


Cherie Marks

Head of Science