Middle School

3/4 LP & 3/4 DA


It is hard to believe we've passed the halfway point of the term! All students and staff are very excited for camp next week. Please make sure you have read all camp information thoroughly to ensure your child has packed the correct items and is adequately prepared.


In our reading sessions we have been exploring and analysing persuasive texts. Students have been learning to use sub-headings to skim texts and locate important information. We have analysed various advertisements and discussed the persuasive techniques used by advertisers to sell products.

In our writing sessions, students have been writing a persuasive piece either for or against the statement: 'Kids should get paid to do well at school.' Students have been really engaged in discussions on both sides of the argument and have been focusing on making sure they have clearly stated their point of view and supported it with valid and convincing reasons.

In Maths, students have been developing strategies to help them recall multiplication facts. We have looked at long multiplication to assist us when multiplying large numbers. This week we began a new topic on money, where students have been working out change for a variety of transactions and have developed their understanding of what a budget is and how it help us to plan and track our spending.

In our Inquiry sessions, students have been working hard on their plant projects and have been researching life cycles, environmental threats and how their plant is used for human production.


Students developed their understanding of what the word 'reconciliation' means and why it's important to all Australians in order for us to move forward as a more just, equitable and reconciled country for all. The theme for Reconciliation Week 2023 is 'Be a Voice for Generations' The theme encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation.